Friday, July 24, 2009


i'm not quite adjusted of Najib being the PM yet, i still think of him as a regular minister until now. okay, maybe the deputy PM. guess i've grown attached to Pak Lah, and i still need some time to make the transition.
but i love his idea of "1Malaysia". i'm all about unity and for everyone to think of us all as the Malaysian race, and not Chinese, or Indian or Malay or Sikh u get the idea..that's gonna be divine ;)

i love the new Astro ads, the one about the ppl's unity, which have the lady saying she can converse in English with foreign tourists and is able to converse with them and ask "what are you looking for?" "salted fish". i think the Indian guy is really cute when he speaks Cantonese. he said, "when he was at the mamak stalls, ppl looked at him when he speaks in Cantonese." What? An Indian can't learn to speak in other languages eyh? When ppl learn other languages like French, or Japanese, or Korean..others would be looking up to them. Why can't we do the same when others learn languages we can use everyday, when talking with our friends or neighbours. That would take us all into a whole new Malaysia. One nation that's proud of our own identity, colorful with all kinds of cultures and languages. I'm a proud Malaysian, but i would be even more proud..if we can upgrade ourselves.
Looking for someone who can speak Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien..i'm really thinking of learning those.
owh, i love the other ads too, about the kids with their ambitions. the boy in the field saying "saya mau buat rumah ini besar" haha..i laughed everytime i heard what he said. and the girl with ponytail who said "i want to explore/conquer every mountain on earth", looks a lot like my cousin.

p/s : thanx to someone, i'm all smiles today ;) looking fwd to catch up with u again

Sunday, July 12, 2009

short trip

it rained the whole morning yesterday..i sent my brother to Melaka sentral, sbb he told his friend to pick him up there, lucky diorg x decide nk suruh i drive all the way to tol A.Keroh..malas with hujan and all. after that i did a bit of shopping, smpat je eyh ;P weekend ni mmg keje shopping je. then straightaway kne pick up my youngest brother at his school pulak. da smpai sane baru la the rain stopped pouring. lpas rehat for a while..actually, lpas mengadap fb ;P i went to pick up my dad pulak. mmg chauffeur berjaya betul la.
then after lunch, off we went to kuantan sbb hntar brg2 my brother tu. his semester baru nk start balik. i rase unfair je, coz he started his holidays earlier than me, then abes lmbt pulak tu. tp UIA mmg mcm tu, coz cuti time lain mcm xde sgt. we arrived there around 6 kot, smpai je my brother ckp motor die xley nk start. apparently some parts were stolen, tmasuk la disc brake. since he already sent it to a mechanic, ktorg pun trus g cari hotel for that night.
then my brother nk ajak mkn dinner kat this one restaurant called 'wan tomyam' right across the street from our hotel, tapi x jadi. sbbnye da start drizzling ms tuh, n ktorg pun naik kete..trus die ajak g makan kat another place yg jauh sket. ktorg mkn kat tmpat name restoran & kafe Santai. smpai2 je i trus ske..the place mmg cantik. the owner renovated a house, tuka jadi restaurant tu. ngan bnyk lampu..sronok je tgk tmpat die. kat situ nk makan western food bley, order Thai food pun bley. die nye lamb chop, big portion..kenyang gler kot kalau mkn sorg. the price ley tahan murah jugak la..mcm2 ktorg order smpai penuh perut mkn 5 org, jz kne 90 plus je tmasuk tax. 1 je yg i nyesal, sbb x order three layer tea. mule2 cm teruja tgk diorg display picture tu, tetibe ley plak order air lain..nyesal x sudah x dpt rase..huhu. sbb nye da kenyang sgt, x larat nk masuk lagi.
mase ktorg mkn tuh, my brother nye friends pun rmai2 dtg mkn kat situ..agaknye sume budak2 sane da ngidam lpas lame cuti kot ;P
lpas tu baru la ktorg g amek motor, tp mase ktorg smpai tu die lum wat lagi..tpakse la ktorg tggu for a while. smpat la nmpk tikus2 besar yg main kejar2 kat tepi2 kedai tu..dlm gelap. huhu..geli i tgk tikus2 tu.
pagi ni lpas breakfast n angkut lagi barang2 my brother yg ade kat his old room, ktorg pun btolak balik Mlk..