Saturday, October 23, 2010


i read what peej wrote about the outrageous dreams she had, and i laughed out hard with my friend.

then, it was my turn. yesterday i dreamt about this friend of mine who just got married in March, and yet he already has a girl. she's so cute..but weird thing is, she's in the color of milk chocolate - not that she can melt like one. she's so small too, just a tad bit larger than my palm. she can talk and she's totally adorable.

it was weird too when i had to climb out of holes when i need to return her to her parents, after spending time together. is this some kind of Alice in Wonderland kind of dream? not that i'm into that story or Magika etc.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010


i'm putting Universal Studios Singapore on my list after reading this post by Rebecca Saw

time off

when we knew that we could go to the Melaka Maju officiating ceremony, we jumped at the chance. we thought it would be nice to go out and see what they have to offer.

but there were SO many people, making even the road heading to the Hang Jebat stadium congested. we went in the stadium and found out that it would be so much better to be outside. there were no seats available, unless you're ready to climb who knows how many stories high or go over to the other side of the stadium. i'm not. so, bye bye whatever performances they have lined up. we got to see the pretty fireworks right at 2010 hours on the dot, and that was it.

we rushed outside, for air..well, it was actually for food :p
there were almost the same big crowd outside as in the stadium. we had to spend a lot of time waiting for plates of char kuey teow, then some time for the drinks..there was a long queue everywhere. lucky i didn't need to queue, even though that did not mean i got the drinks at my first try.

after walking to the other stalls and seeing what they were selling, we decided to sit at this open space. that was what we did for most of the time there.
totally don't know what to do by this time

Friday, October 15, 2010

the day trip

our class had a day trip on the 6th. we needed to hear firsthand about the work of practicing PR officer. so, we went to SPNB at MAS building, Jalan Sultan Ismail - just a short talk for a couple of hours. the fried vermicelli that they served was delicious. and afterwards we went to KLCC for 'lunch'.
we were the 1st ones to arrive at 6.30am
promoting the food :p
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Sunday, October 3, 2010


last night i went to the Malam Pertabalan Srikandi for our own Tun Fatimah college, which is our residential block. and that's because it was the last event conducted by the current batch of committee, just as it was the last event i attend before having to rent outside next semester.

there was only a handful that attended, the others went home for the weekends and had other events to attend at the same time. it was nothing out of the ordinary..similar like the other events before this. but suddenly there was strong wind blowing a whole lot of dried leaves towards us and we started to panic. it was certainly not normal.

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then it rained and the tents started to look like they were getting to be blown off. we even shrieked at one point. my friend wanted to go back, but the rain kept on pouring. all that was on our mind was the Jasin tragedy. it was hair-raising. thank God nothing happened.