Sunday, September 26, 2010


we have to attend the leadership program better known as PPKP, each semester without fail. this time, we had to go for two separate sessions - a talk by the campus director and an explorace. Yesterday we had to wait for the director due to the events he had to attend from the morning, and the officer-in-charge helped us to be less bored when he put on the movie 'Adnan Sempit'. but halfway through the movie, the director arrived.

after the talk

today, we had to go out in the rain during the afternoon for the explorace - running, panting and sweating all the way throughout the campus. we were grouped according to our class, and the boys from my class didn't attend. that made us do this logo for our group :p
our logo

i'm dead tired and even had leg cramps till now. if only i don't have to go to class tomorrow and don't need to climb the stairs *sigh*
pictures from my friend's facebook.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


just had a big bowl of Laksa

and i need to get ready and struggle with Law notes again..*sigh*
that alone made me think of food to stuff kacang and Cendol and every kinds of desserts please

ice kacang

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Sunday, September 19, 2010


already watched a drama titled 'Prosecutor Princess' starring Kim So-yeon and Park Si Hoo. i was searching for whatever drama with Park Si Hoo in it after i watched Glory for Family and found this drama. it's really funny especially in the earlier part when Ma Hye Ri (Kim So-yeon) has just graduated and started to work as a prosecutor.

the odd one out
hilarious karaoke session 
her personalized office

the ending
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

long distance relationship

or in short..LDR. that is the dreaded thing ever, and most people'd rather not be in one. Going the distance is about this couple who met and got thrown into LDR unexpectedly. it IS the hardest thing.

i wasn't keen on watching the movie after i read a review that mentioned it's not worth watching. then again, it is Drew Barrymore's. so, when my siblings wanted to watch Resident evil afterlife..i placed my bet on Going the distance. the movie's worth watching if you count out the lot of intimate scenes :p

when they first met
what they did for most of the time

during LDR

the funny thanksgiving
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after the movie, we went to eat at Seoul Garden and now i can't even look at food. i thought of skipping dinner tonight, but mom wants to take us to this tomyam place. i'll see if i can squeeze some soup or something later :p

Monday, September 13, 2010

i thee wed

took this picture from a schoolmate's facebook. they're both my former schoolmates i.e. KKBians. even though they chose to get married during the festive season (3rd day of Eid), let's just say their reception was flooded with the throng of people. the bride, dee's my bestie, my roommate, my homeroom sister, my classmate all rolled into one ;) 

me with some of the girls, i'm hating this impossible tudung
and yes, that is Suraya Anuar the make up artist. one of the successful ones from our school. after the reception, all of us..or rather all 10 cars of us continued to go visiting to three more houses in Kuala Selangor. 
listening to Shidi's dad talking
before going back
before going back. at the last house, the guys were mesmerized by an atv. i think they'd rather stay there all night :p
picture googled

i'm really tired after getting ready from early in the morning, driving a bit, then car pooling to Kuala Selangor and back, and driving back home again, arriving at home more than 12 hours after i went out.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

the Cs

there's only 4 days left before Eid and we've been busy today. the others cleaned the house - washed the curtains and everything, and i baked cookies. i'm such a lazy bum when it comes to cleaning and i'd bake and cook to get away from cleaning anything any day :p.

i made Choco coconut cookies. it's supposed to have melted choc as the topping, but then it'd look like Almond London. so i made it plain with just a chocolate chip on top. the recipe is easy peasy, just whisk the butter and sugar and throw everything else in ;) it's yummy too, my house smelled like Famous Amos kitchen with the aroma of the cookies wafted throughout..bliss. the whole thing took nearly 5 hours though, coz there was blackout for 2 hours while i was baking.

Friday, September 3, 2010

my kind of guy

this morning i completed another Korean drama, Personal Taste starring Lee Min Ho of the BOF series and Son Ye Jin of Summer Scent. i'm not a fan of Lee Min Ho in BOF, but i think that's because of the character. coz in this one, he's cute.

here are my favourite scenes in the drama
this is before they confess about their feelings
i don't really like couple wearing the same look, but this time hv too admit they are cute
the sweetest scene ever
pictures from Hancinema and googled