Friday, January 27, 2012

munching nonstop

Just because my sister told me I'm kinda thinner now (compared to the time when I haven't started working and doing nothing at home other than lying down in front of the telly), I am eating a lot these days. Yikes. I need to slow down a bit, but there's too much food lying around the house calling out to me :p

My sister is scheduled to go back to her uni tomorrow after the week off from classes. I hope I'll be able to curb this big appetite somehow and not make another surprise for my sister when she comes back again (by gaining weight this time..haha).

The only thing I didn't get to do is having our usual sisters time (or maybe siblings time - because of our youngest brother) of going to watch a movie and spending money on things we don't really need at the mall.

We went to JB to have a late lunch with our brother - it was our parents' first time eating at Seoul Garden, coz us siblings used to go there on weekdays for the students' rate..hehe. The City Square's SG and Mahkota Parade's SG each have their own pros and cons.

Then when I got a day off on the second day of CNY, we went for a picnic by the lakeside behind the zoo. I miss Taiping, very very much. *Sigh*. I want to have a picnic by the lakeside in Taiping. After the picnic, we stopped by the mall for a while and caught a glimpse of a group of people performing acrobatic which I think went on for nearly everyday for some time.
look at that girl folding her body..huhu, I'm scared just by looking

Monday, January 16, 2012

bite marks

When I looked at my right arm these days, I'll think of Jasper Hale. Want to know why?

Image via The Cullenz Family

It's not because of the muscles or's the marks that exist there, visible to my eyes. I felt like Jasper who has crescent-shaped scars and bite marks on his arms. :p
There are the marks that I got when I was dismantling the tools and washing them last week at work, which could increase in number tomorrow. Huhu. And there are the red spots I got when I was frying the catfish at home (coz we don't offer fried catfish at Mermaid, haha). But it's still better than having to work with cuts on my fingers - that will hurt so much I know, from before. Get well soon, auntie Som.

I spent nearly 12 hours at work today, including the time for attending a meeting early this morning. When I reached home just hours ago, I can barely open my eyes. You can guess how it is now. Has anyone invented rechargeable energy source for human bodies? I need one pronto. Working this weekend will be a nightmare.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I was working last night when a high school friend came in for a drink with her friend. She called my name and asked what I was doing there. Of course I'm working, friend - I was manning the POS. The sad thing was I couldn't recall her name, until this morning when I flipped through the school magazine. And she was in the same class as me for our final year. I'm getting older, I know. Lol. I tried so hard to find her name in this tight vault of memory but failed - I could only remember her two closest friends'.

The procedure is to jot down the customer's name on the beverage cup. But I just skipped that part and prayed to God that my supervisor wouldn't say anything when he saw it. Just imagine me asking my own high school friend, "And how may I address you?". What a joke.

Another great thing is the number of people (in the senior year at that time) who came from Melaka was less than 10 if I recalled right. Very sad, I know..perhaps I should take Ginkgo Biloba as supplement food too.
This image is spot on, because we do use Sharpie at work..haha.
Image via #hashable

Monday, January 9, 2012

come join me

These days I met a lot of Koreans at work. Seriously. Every single day, there would be at least three Koreans coming in. I listened to their conversation to them talking just to be sure if they're really speaking Korean language. Yes, I'm guilty as charged. But no worries, I still don't understand much.

We are supposed to converse with the customers, being friendly and all. Those who know how much I'd talk, especially with strangers should have guessed what an 'easy' feat that is to me. But fret not, just speak some words in Korean language and I'll be rushing over to strike up a conversation with you. Lol. A few days before, two Korean guys came in and they talked about something. When I asked one of them about them being Korean and why they're here, the guy seemed happy that I'm very interested in K-drama and stuff. He wanted to talk more, but sadly there was a big Singaporean athlete team that poured in right at that moment. There goes my chance to talk, again.

Whenever there are Korean guys in our store, I'll point them out to my colleagues and then they'll be happy to wipe the tables nearby all day :p

I'll gladly stay longer at work for free after this..haha. Kidding.

But of course it's inevitable that every good thing will have something blergggh to accompany them. Today I met a person who acts like a know-it-all, pointing this and that to me. Like I've just started working yesterday. I've known those stuff you pointed out at me since Day 1, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I wouldn't mind it if that person is really great at work and is feeling helpful to a newbie like me (actually I'm no longer considered a newbie, someone new already came in..hehe). But when that person intended to boss me around, just because I'm a junior..and yet that person made a lot of mistakes - that just left a bad taste in my mouth. I'm just thankful I don't have to meet that person regularly.
Image via Miss Omni Media

not so much

I already planned what I wanted to do when I got the two days rest. First thing on the list - get the typhoid jab. Most of my colleagues who are new like me went before working time, so they were complaining about the aching arm and all. So I'd rather spend time at home after getting poked by the needle.

On Friday morning, I went to Tesco after being the chauffer for my youngest brother. Most of the people there seems to be retirees, you could count on one hand just how many people don't have white hair on their head :p

I got this orange fella from there. I was looking out for it at Ikea when I went there last month, but they didn't have any.

After getting the shot at a clinic nearby my work place, I felt relieved I chose to have it done on my day off. I dropped something I was holding at home :p That would be either embarrassing or unlucky (if I dropped something breakable).

The next day I went to the movies with my brother. He already watched Sherlock Holmes, so I chose to just follow his choice. We watched The Awakening - which was so-so. It wasn't really scary, except for one part that made me jump. When Thomas scared away weird Judd.

After that we went for lunch at Little Taiwan. I had Claypot Lau Su Fun and Chicken Meatball soup.
taken after I had started eating :p

Brother has Spicy Salted Chicken Chop rice set. It was our second time eating there, but we recalled that they gave a bigger portion rice set with so many side dishes the first time we were there.

That was what I did when I got two days rest from work.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

unfair treatment

Why oh why the movie Relationship Status is going to be screened at selected TGV cinemas only?

I've been waiting to watch the movie for so long, and this 'great' thing happens. Of course the reason I want to watch the movie is because Will Quah starred in it. There's also Daphne Iking and Tony Eusoff. But Will is my priority..*wink*.

So, does that mean I won't get the chance to watch it? *sighhhhhhhhhhhhh...*
Watching this is not enough. 

At work I'm starting to recognize some of the regulars at our place. There's Mr. C who has a tall latte with extra shot every morning, Mr.H went away I think because I haven't seen him yesterday and today so I didn't get to memorize his favorite. Mr. B only drinks he had two tall ones, and another two tall ones with extra shot each - how can he stand that much espresso inside his system?

Monday, January 2, 2012

one look

Again, I met Koreans. This time I was able to recognize them by only taking one look - pro already? Haha. I'm not kidding you.

But there's also help from one of them. He asked for extra drizzle on his drink, but the way he said it made it easy to know he's Korean. He said, "more sh-yrup". Yes, as in more syrup. There's a big Korean flag stamped on his forehead already :p

That's the only thing that made working during the holidays bearable. The customers were doubly fussy, unlike during Christmas. And the congestion is making me dreading this coming Chinese New Year.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

something old, something new

Actually it was last year's news..even though it happened merely hours ago.First thing's first..

Happy New Year Everyone :)

I met some Korean guys..and I'm totally ecstatic even though they're not celebs or anything. I think. A bunch of guys were standing around the leather couch in our outlet and I was clearing the table when one of them asked me if there's Wi-fi available. I answered him, but he said "andwae" to his friend. I was struck by lightning right then. Exagerating, of course. But I wanted to be sure, so I listened to a couple more words before I asked.."Are you Korean?" And the friend said "Yes". They spent a few hours going online I guess. What I can see from what they ordered is that they're very health conscious. Half of them ordered something with green tea..and everyone don't want any whipped cream. And when they were leaving I said "gamsahapnida" to them - the only Korean phrase I was able to utter. I should have said something else to them too..haish. Lost the chance already.

Now I'm imagining if only Hyun Joong or Wooyoung would come (in disguise, of course) and spend time here. Haha. Like they need to, or can do that.

If I wasn't working at that time I could have taken photos to show to my sister. She's feeling jealous when she heard I met the guys. Haha.

Then another four Koreans came in..some time after the first group left. I think this group is a family, and the guys don't look as good as the first group, so I didn't bother to converse with them. LOL. I was busy actually.

That's what's new. The old news - my feet hurt, again. And I was wincing every now and then when I stepped on the accelerator and brake. Thank God I wasn't driving a manual car. The usual half-hour journey took me an hour tonight. Lucky I decided not to buy ice cream, else it'll turn into a puddle of cream even before I reach home.