Monday, January 9, 2012

not so much

I already planned what I wanted to do when I got the two days rest. First thing on the list - get the typhoid jab. Most of my colleagues who are new like me went before working time, so they were complaining about the aching arm and all. So I'd rather spend time at home after getting poked by the needle.

On Friday morning, I went to Tesco after being the chauffer for my youngest brother. Most of the people there seems to be retirees, you could count on one hand just how many people don't have white hair on their head :p

I got this orange fella from there. I was looking out for it at Ikea when I went there last month, but they didn't have any.

After getting the shot at a clinic nearby my work place, I felt relieved I chose to have it done on my day off. I dropped something I was holding at home :p That would be either embarrassing or unlucky (if I dropped something breakable).

The next day I went to the movies with my brother. He already watched Sherlock Holmes, so I chose to just follow his choice. We watched The Awakening - which was so-so. It wasn't really scary, except for one part that made me jump. When Thomas scared away weird Judd.

After that we went for lunch at Little Taiwan. I had Claypot Lau Su Fun and Chicken Meatball soup.
taken after I had started eating :p

Brother has Spicy Salted Chicken Chop rice set. It was our second time eating there, but we recalled that they gave a bigger portion rice set with so many side dishes the first time we were there.

That was what I did when I got two days rest from work.


PatinPasta said...

Hmm soklan cepu emas.. kenapa nak kena gi typhoid jab ek?

Claypot (food) tu nampak sungguh yummeh! Dengan claypot (bekas) tu sekali akak suka, rustic gitu.

cahya indah said...

emmm..actually Cahya pun tak sure the actual reason for the typhoid jab. yang tau memang kalau kerja f&b kena take the shot. the doc said it's good for me and the customers. elakkan transferable disease mcm salmonella and stuff like that..kot.

cahya indah said...

oh lupa nak cakap pasal claypot tu..hehe. the noodles gemok2 kak. tggal a few strands tak dapat nak licinkan the claypot (bekas) sebab dah kenyang. ;)