Monday, January 28, 2013


Life is all about the bitterness. When, how, why..

Now, that depends.
Who will know just why you met the people you have no intention to even lay your eyes on?
Who have any idea just what were you thinking when you did that awful thing, which you want to be kept as a secret for life?
How can you know that after that one smile, you are to receive that bad news and become a different person altogether?

And life is also about how you savor the sweetness that comes with that, or even afterwards.

Just like how we paired the sweet Blueberry muffin with the coffee.
We finished off the muffin first apparently :p
Image via Insta

Bittersweet life :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

You make me crazy

Today was a great day, for both the troublemakers are not present. 

I seriously pity those who live their lives feeling inadequate until they have to tell stories about others, even making up stories as they go along. And how 'lucky' for those who get caught at their first try. Even if you're younger than others, that is not an excuse. You should just go and live with the fairies and gnomes if you really have 'fantasies'.

One made up stories having a guy fancy her, and that she does not like him at all. But why do we see the girl all giggly and playing with her hair in plain view of the guy? The girl even put the blame on me when she was caught playing favorite game on the guy. And when the guy was asked if he is interested in the said girl, he is truly shocked and disagreed. So girl, who's fancying who actually? Don't make yourself a sad case, please.
To the guy, sorry I had a bad impression of you young fella. My bad. I should have learn more about you before making second guesses. Bad sister-figure I am :p Nice knowing you, let's have a great time working together.

The other girl was super friendly with everyone when she started, even more so with the guys. Then she told someone that the guys are all after her..touching her all the time, bla bla bla. Who's touching who? What are you intending to start here? Why, the kids these days are so 'creative' that they are so imaginative. Or are they seeing things in their head? Should I send them to get professional opinion?

Now I'm so happy I let this out :)

Truly satisfied!    
Image via Insta

Friday, January 25, 2013


Our company is growing bigger and bigger and so we need to hire more people to fill up the empty spots. The first batch in our store (with me as one of the trainer :p) has been with us for one month plus, I think and so now it's the start for the second batch. But since they haven't worked that long and we don't usually work the same shift, I haven't had much interactions with them.

Then this one guy said to me today, "I think you look very familiar. What's your name?" I thought he was talking to somebody else coz he was actually standing behind me in the bar at that time. Then when he pointed out that he was really talking to me, I was thinking - do I really have a lot of 'twins'? I've been getting that since junior high.

I just laughed and did not say anything. But he was persistent in wanting to know if I am the one he was talking about. He said, "Seriously, tell me which elementary school did you attend?"

That made me laugh out more. He wanted to know so much that I asked him back, "How old are you now?"

When he said he's 23, I laughed again and said "There you go. You've got the answer."

There's no way I am that girl he went to school with.

Monday, January 21, 2013


I was in KL yesterday, and had the chance to go around the Food exhibition in Midvalley. Other than getting samples to taste, I had my eye on this baby.

Maybe some day I'd have that for my own use at home. I can't help but drool thinking about it - I could make my own frothy cappuccino and lounge at home watching the clouds all day. My uncle in Penang said that he had his eye on this one model that costs around 3k, but this baby costs double maybe coz it's using the pod coffee.
Image via Mistercoffee
That made it less interesting than La Marzocco, in my eyes.
Image via Espresso machines

I love what we're currently using even if it's old fashioned to others. It's just fascinating to hear the grinding sound of the Astoria, when you pull the lever and stamp the ground espresso. Then you can see the perfect shot coming out with the crema, body and heart - each with it's own color.

With that I could say I would not take a second look at Verismo and Mastrena, even if they're so called better. What satisfaction can you get if all it takes is just a push on a button?

And yeah, I have the urge to open my own cozy, little cafe when I look at them. Something like the one in Coffee Prince. Dreaming again.. :p

Sunday, January 20, 2013


I'm making cameo appearances for now, after such long hiatus. Hopefully I can gather more time and things to tell soon. I'm definitely good at procrastinating - guilty much. You can also blame the ease of letting pictures speak for themselves by using Instagram, that made me opt to be lazy :p

I've just completed I do, I do starring Kim Seon ah and Lee Jang Woo. A refreshing one to watch after the sad drama I Miss You. I can't help but to laugh all the time.

p/s: I can't access my email anymore. Can anybody be of help? It's very frustrating coz I use that one for almost everything.