Friday, December 28, 2012

all about food

Have you guys made any new year resolutions? I think I stopped doing that a decade ago. I am not a person who likes to place any time frame in doing anything.. besides, plans are made to be changed. Haha. It's better if I just have some goals in life without adding any stress to it.

But then again, maybe I should make one exception this time. Actually Dr.Jasbir haven't finalize anything yet, but we're all hoping it's viable. And if that comes true, I need to say goodbye to all the good food for a period of time. Tsk tsk..what a thing to let go of. I'm visualizing that I'll be left with skin and bones. Pffft..I wish. 

I'm thinking of going to Nando's (no thanks to the countless ads and pix in FB they've put up to make me drool) and yet sadly, there is no Nando's outlet at my work place. Sushi is another "must-eat" item on my short list, but that one is probably going to be put on hold until sister comes back. That is only going to be next month (?). Oh, I'm going to bring her to Sukiya that has just opened up here in Melaka too. That's three already. Hurmm..what else?

Can I add a tour throughout Korea for the food, to the list? I need to stop watching Tasty Road episodes, where Ho Jin and Soo Jin are making me restless just by picking up their chopsticks :p.
Image via Mydramalistinfo
Image via Mnet
Yeah, my current dream is to take over Soo Jin's place in Tasty Road.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

hot and cold

I am back at home after being "dragged" to strangers' weddings. I don't even go to my friends' weddings unless they're hosted somewhere near, and if I'm available at that time. And now when I attend these receptions of people that I don't personally know, I am at lost of why I'm even there in the first place. But I think you can already guess as to why my presence was needed there alongside my parents :p. The only consolation are the food, like the scrumptious Ayam masak merah I had at Reception no.2. Yeah, I went to two different receptions just now.

I haven't really steered clear from the cold and flu I had in this past week, probably because I was stubborn enough to not abstaining from taking my daily coffee fix. I used to be strict on myself when I was sick, no caffeine while I'm on drugs. But this time I just had to drink at least one cup a day. Am I becoming one of the others already? They told me that they wouldn't feel right until they've had their daily cuppa.
But I love drinking this Mint Blend tea..steaming hot, when I'm not feeling well. It's so refreshing - cool and hot at the same time. It does taste like I'm drinking toothpaste sometimes :p

My mind is everywhere these days, and just now I realized that there's still a lot of things on my list that are yet to be done. I have been thinking towards those even before, but then I'm getting less sure of something else. Decisions, decisions.