Sunday, March 27, 2011

the warrior

when my friend asked me to tag along to watch the movie Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa a.k.a The Malay Chronicles: Bloodlines, I'm expecting nothing. I've had my share of Malay movies and somehow had declared not to fall into the ruse of watching them at the cinema.

Then again, I'm pleased that I decided to give in to my friend's yearning to watch the movie.

I'm blown away by the fact that it is one of our own. kudos to KRU Studios, and especially to Yusry Abdul Halim for directing such impressive movie. I heard it was very challenging for him.
And Khir Rahman definitely looked the part as Kamawas, the bad guy. Gavin Stenhouse and Jing Lu are also not bad. Actually I love their encounter before they were ambushed by the Geruda ;). This film is remarkable, go watch it at your nearest cinema.

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oh, i almost forgot one incident i saw yesterday. I saw a guy sniffing glue in the bus. he was traveling alone and was carrying a plastic bag along. when i got a whiff of the glue, i didn't think it was from inside the bus. i thought somebody was using it elsewhere and the wind brought the odour with it. but my friend asked me if the guy was inhaling the thing, and when i turned my head to his was clear he was sniffing glue in the PUBLIC for god's sake. i don't know what is happening to the world these days.. sigh

Friday, March 25, 2011

the day we ran ...

I felt encouraged to enter the Ecohunt for the Economy Week when the lecturer mentioned about it in the class a couple of weeks ago. Believe me when I say I would never volunteer myself to be under the scorching sun and to be doing somewhat strenuous actions for free. Although it would be a different story if there are golden opportunities of say, sight seeing..or maybe there are handsome guys in the vicinity :p

I think the latter is most probable, though... blinking innocently

I guess my lecturer's eagerness already affected me. I decided to call for reinforcement, coz we must enter in teams of at least 2 person.

When the morning came, we were surprised to see the throng of people flooding the place. We thought there wouldn't be a lot of people that would join the thing, and we even hoped to maybe get to be one of the winners. Fat chance. At least 45 teams were present, and we were sadly among the nearly extinct teams of seniors. Almost all of them were juniors, from the second semester to be precise.

We had to run to places according to the given clues, and answer questions about economy (some of them are hopeless) and collect everything before running to the starting point.

Most of them are questions about Microeconomy, which is of course a piece of cake for the juniors. They have just learned about those things, and us the seniors..have long thrown away the difficult to remember terms..haha.

We would hear the questions, and when we couldn't quite reach that far into our memories..we would just asked to be penalised. Even did the chicken dance more than once :p

And so we arrived at the starting point when the other teams were lounging around, talking and resting. But at least we showed up and was not the last ones..

We had fun running around the campus that day, even with the sweltering sun trying to bake us alive.

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

of ignorance

the very last article i read in a newspaper that's engraved deeply in my mind was the one in 5th March's copy of NST..'Wat-er waste of water'

and i'm having headache everytime this person i know heads off to the bathroom. it would take nearly an hour of who knows whatever she does in there before she deems herself done. it only has a shower head, and not a huge, white bath tub where one can sink under the delightful bubbles and into the sweet-smelling, stress-relieving aromatherapy oil mixed water bath.

I've been hinting to her since forever that she took a mighty long time to finish, but she'd just flash her smile at me while saying, "Did I really take a long time in there?"

It would be a tad bit fine if there is nothing to rush for, but even during peak hours when everyone needs to get ready for something..she'd lingered in there taking her own sweet time. Does she think that the traffic would stop and wait for her to finish playing with water?

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Saturday, March 5, 2011


i chose to watch Black Swan after contemplating between the movie and Beastly. i read the reviews, and opted the more serious one. besides Black Swan got higher ratings, and Natalie Portman won an Oscar for her role in the movie.

it was a very devastating story of a ballerina taking pressures badly after she became the star of a performance. i already guessed she'd die at the end, but it never occurred to me it would be done that way. it was very tragic.
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i'm very particular about watching movies on weekends, coz i hate crowds. and when i went out today, i felt suffocated with the heat and the throngs of people, and the auto-paying machine for the parking ticket had to be out of service today of all the days. everyone had to queue up at the other one available, and it was a very long queue. it even caused congestion when people were inconsiderate to others.

Friday, March 4, 2011

here we come

we went to Putrajaya days after the trip to BNM, where the 'main' purpose was to go to the Statistics Department and then to Alamanda. Alamanda was the only thing our lecturer raved about, whenever he talked about the trip. maybe he was that excited to go home.

the people there showed us the manuals they used and all sorts of statistics right to the smallest detail. and i bet they'll be happy to walk us through all the process, if they were given enough time. all i know is that they have to work really hard with all those numbers to be analyzed. 

see that picture, everyone was grinning and smiling from ear to ear thinking about the serious part that had just ended and the fun part that was about to begin. ;p

actually the driver was reluctant to let us go to Alamanda, just because it was not in the itinerary. it was standard procedure and known by everyone - you don't include all the fun part in the paperwork. our lecturer was frustrated with the driver when he heard about it in the morning. but it was solved when one of the girls in the committee went to talk to the driver. then our lecturer joked about sending girls into the war zone from then onwards..haha.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

coming of age

i'm still waiting to see the bulk of photos taken during two academic trips we had on Monday and last Thursday. the thing is most of them would take too much photos - they went clicking nonstop from before we boarded the bus until right the end of the journey, and their specialities would be the sleeping photos :p that's why i made sure i didn't fall asleep at all. kids.. *sigh*

the big news is >>>>> i'm going to cast my vote on Sunday (hint: my hometown is one of the famous places in Malaysia right now). it's my first one peeps. i thought i don't have to participate in it, but yesterday my dad said my name's in the list. i'm nervous to fulfill my responsibility :)

there are lots of movies to be watched, and not much time available - there are lots of tests next week too..huhu