Thursday, December 31, 2009

new year, anything else new?

today's the last day of 2009..time really zapp by nowadays. it feels like the year 2008 was just yesterday. almost everyone said it like that, but i really feel it was just yesterday that i started having new classmates and everything. it also means we're getting old faster, yikes..
how are you ushering in the new year? waiting for the ball to drop in NYE times square? watching fireworks display at the London eye? attending the countdown party in Singapore? in front of CentralWorld, Bangkok? partying at ClubCOD or TimeOut in Seoul?
1 Utama 2010 countdown concert - central park avenue? mutiara damansara new year's 2010 concert countdown? new year's eve countdown at Maxims Genting? firework display at Solaris Mont Kiara? Dataran Merdeka?
or spending time with ur precious loved ones? 
whichever it is, i wanna wish all of you..a Happy New Year!!! ;)

Monday, December 7, 2009

going thru the flood

we went to Kuantan on Saturday and on the way there it rained heavily, the road near Kuantan was submerged in certain places..not really the real flood tho. i think those who live on lower grounds were very much affected, only leaves were seen on the trees by the roadside. after checking in the hotel we went out to the beach, but the weather haven't change much so we went back to town. but the wind was so tempting, if only it wasn't raining..
we spent some time in ECM, typical weekend crowd were there. i wanted to eat dinner there and just get back to our room to rest, but my brother wanted to bring us to this restaurant that he always frequents. it's Sara Thai Kitchen, opposite the Grand Continental Hotel..we meant to eat there the last time we were in Kuantan, but somehow we ended up eating at Santai that night.
this Sara Thai Kitchen is better ;) the food really spells Thai, and i can't wait to eat there brother even teased me saying that after this i'd prolly relocate to Kuantan for good..haha. we had seafood tomyam, sotong goreng tepung (a la tempura), chicken cooked in green curry, kerabu mangga, mixed veggies and kerabu kangkung. it's the first time i had the kerabu kangkung and it's actually dipped in batter and fried..yummy. and what really surprised me was the amount we had to pay for the's cheap and for that  delicious food, really really worth going there ;) next time we eat there i'm gonna order steamed fish coz i heard it's delish too, owh and not forgetting the noodles..everything seems to be good :p

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

perfect proposal

i haven't watch this show before this, coz whenever i saw it on the info i would just skip it and choose to watch something else (coz i never thot it would be really interesting :p)
then somehow when i read that in this particular episode..Jeff, an animator who did something for his girlfriend, Natasha in order to propose to her, i decided to watch it. he spent like 3 to 4 months just to do the animation with the help from his friends and then TLC helped him in making everything else ready..including pretending there's this screening of the best romantic comedy based on ppl's votes and that Natasha won the red carpet treatment. he's so sweet and the proposal's totally nice..they even made me cry ;p