Sunday, June 28, 2009


it was really great today, coz i get to meet dee again ;) gosh i really miss her..even after meeting up. i guess i'll have to plan another time to meet her again soon.

i told her i would meet her at the entrance coz she carried a lot of stuff..but, i forgot my way in Midvalley. imagine that :P. yeah, i forgot the way to the commuter's entrance. then i thought i'd go find it through Jusco, and tried to find Orange Sorbet so i could go out there and meet her. seems that since the last time i've been there, i mean really been there..there were changes in Jusco..haha. so i lost my way for a few minutes and had to ask dee for the directions. i used to know where everythg is, but i guess it's been too long.

after loading the stuff dee carried in the car, we decided to have lunch. we thought of having laksa in Jusco, like the usual. we had that everytime we met in Midvalley. then, dee suggested we eat at Carl's Jr. we dunno whether to share or eat on our own. i'm glad we shared, coz the serving was really HUGE. we can't even finish everythg we ordered, which were double guacamole somethg somethg..couldn't rmmber the exact name ;P, beef chilli fries and chicken strips. we stuffed ourselves until we couldn't take it in time there would have to be another person joining us, coz 2 person just can't eat everythg. the burger's alright, but i think the beef with the fries could use some's not spicy enuff, just tasted like curry to me.

then we wandered around, trying on some stuff and bought some. we thought we'd wait for a while before we can eat again :P i know, what were we thinking? we were both looking forward to the laksa, and i thought i could grab some takoyaki..maybe next time.

owh, we browsed around for rings too..for dee, not for me. Wah Chan was having a big promotion, seems that you could get 60%+20% discount..check it out. and we looked around in Tomei too. but i don't think i like those rings too much, maybe it's just me coz i have different taste maybe? but dee said she prefers Habib's. i wish it would work out as planned and hoped, dear ;)

and i hope we could see each other again soon..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

baby mama

i watched this movie mama, which was released last year. since it's title already mentioned baby, lagi la teruja sgt sgt nk tgk cite nih kn. it's cute..realy

i love d part when Kate (Tina Fey) was in the meeting room and everyone else sitting around the table 'turned' into babies. she's really desperate to have a baby of her own, but she can't get pregnant due to her 'T-shaped uterus'. so, she decided to find a surrogate mother for her baby..thru an agency. this is where Angie (Amy Poehler) comes in.
it was really hilarious when Angie went to live with Kate when she broke up with her 'hubby'. Kate bought books on parenting and stuff, and tried to convert Angie into someone who eats healthy organic stuff, for the sake of the baby and coz her company sells organic food..which is NOT easy.

it's very nice to see Kate and Angie getting to know each other, even tho it's difficult since they're very different.

actually Angie lied to Kate..she's not pregnant with Kate's baby, but hers and her husband's. what happened when Kate found out the baby Angie's carrying wasn't really hers?
watch it..the movie's awesome ;)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

what matters

N : Would you just stay with me?
A : Stay with you? What for? Look at us, we're already fightin'
N : Well that's what we do, we fight... You tell me when I am being an arrogant son of a bitch and I tell you when you are a pain in the ass. Which you are, 99% of the time. I'm not afraid to hurt your feelings. You have like a 2 second rebound rate, then you're back doing the next pain-in-the-ass thing.
A : So what?
N : So it's not gonna be easy. It's gonna be really hard. We're gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, for ever, you and me, every day. Will you do something for me, please? Just picture your life for me? 30 years from now, 40 years from now? What's it look like? If it's with him, go. Go! I lost you once, I think I can do it again. If I thought that's what you really wanted. But don't you take the easy way out.

i love these quotes by Noah n Allie from 'The Notebook'..i really love what Noah said

Friday, June 19, 2009

sabah. day 3

pagi2 tu we went to Gaya market, ala2 pasar tani jugak tp mmg besar la. i think i like this one better than Tamu, cz stuff kat cni lagi best. dkat pulak tu. yeah, i definitely like this 1.

then singgah kat Teluk Likas for a while b4 heading to d terminal..

lpas ni nk g lagi kat sane. ade bnyk lagi tmpat yg x smpat g. serious ckp mmg x ckup masa, at least kne spend a week baru la seronok.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

sabah. day 2

the 2nd day ni we all decided to go to 1borneo for lunch, punye la jauh cari mknn kn. pagi2 plak tu da pk psl lunch :P sbb susah la nk mkn kat tmpat biase..if ikutkn i, lg ske mkn local food dari mkn kat mall kn. tp bile da susah nk mkn tpakse la. lpas tu tgk one brochure yg ktorg amek kat lobby hotel tu ade tulis yg borneo rainforest, another place yg ktorg nk g melawat sementara ade kat 1borneo tu wud only b open at 10am. nape la diorg wat biz hours mcm kat semenanjung ni kn, padehal kat sane kn sumenyer awal dari cni. bygkn ktorg da ready kul 7 lebey..nk g mane tuh?

so ktorg pun wat several stops on the way g 1borneo tuh. singgah la kat port jap, singgah kat masjid Bandaraya KK..masjid ni tgh renovate, tp kat luar cantik je.

then ktorg menyinggah kat menara Tun Datu Mustapha, if i'm not mistaken. tapi kat gate tu tulis Yayasan Sabah, mmg besar kwsn die..siap ade its own beach lagi. n i nmpk ade sampan 2-3 buah kat blkg tuh, kalau ley naek best gler. hurmm..d tower tu ade revolving restaurant mcm menara KL jugak, n ley nmpk kwsn keliling die. tp sbb kn ktorg ade kat ctu around 9 smethg, n d restaurant's biz hours start at 11.30am..melepas.

lpas tu da puas amek gmbr bnyk2, ktorg pun trus g 1borneo. my mom's friend yg every year pun g sabah ckp this 1borneo ni da bukak for 1 year already, tp yg i tgk mcm br je bukak bape ari. cz mmg x bape nk meriah sgt la. agaknye sbb jauh sket from KK kot. Tune hotel pun ade kat sblah 1borneo tu. ktorg dgn excited nye g trus kat borneo rainforest tu sbb da kul 10 kot masa tu, skali die tulis bukak pkul 11am da. haih..nk kne tuka brochure tu, wat yg baru cpat.

then my bro ckp nk main bowling plak while we wait, tp x main pun. jz lepak kat d arcade je, n i pun trus la g cr internet connection since da beria2 org text i tanye bape result i. cuak gler nk tgk result tuh, yela dlu masa study chemistry i main2..cuak kalau kne repeat. yg kali ni plak i minat, so kalau x capai target mcm sedey la kn. skali tgk dpt la number yg i x pnah dpt, alhamdulillah.
okay2 tibe part borneo rainforest plak. diorg wat mcm cave kat entrance die tu, display snakes 5-6 jenis. adik2 i ske la tgk..i geli. pastu masuk je, ade rafflesia..ade jmbatan tamparuli yg famous tu. skali my mom tperanjat plak cz ade sekor snake ni kat tgh2 jln nk g kat jmbatan tu. punye la lame ktorg bdiri kat blakang d snake..sbb x taw real or fake. rmai jugak visitors yg dok pening pk ular btul ke tipu ni. hehe..sume org terkena. tp mmg pk bnyk kali la, cz da die display bnyk2 ular b4 tu..mana la taw kot diorg mmg saje biar ular kat dlm tu ke kn :P

mostly kat cni jz display animals..porcupines, squirrels etc. yg albino pun bnyk. i like their deco..ala bnde2 yg mcm kat rumah pjg, mcm tu la.

then da lpas abes kat dlm tu, da lapar nk g lunch plak. tgk2 kat d centrestage tu ade rmai org..ade program ape tah, x sure. Sabah nyer chief minister pun ade. lpas tu my mom nmpk this group of ppl yg pkai traditional costumes, maybe diorg da perform kot b4 tu. my dad pun g tanye diorg ley amek gmbr ke x, i ingtkn kot la sorg je yg willing. skali sume org pun dtg, n their friend yg offer nk tolong amekkn gmbar. thanx a lot eyh guys ;)

petang tu ktorg g shopping kat Pasar Kraftangan KK a.k.a Filipino market ngan pasar yg jual dried seafood n stuff kat sblah die. then g jln2 kat waterfront tu. i tgk org2 Sabah ni mmg ske amek angin kot ptg2, kat waterfront tu ade..even kat kompleks pntadbiran yg ktorg lalu on the way g UMS n 1borneo on day 1 pun rmai org duduk lepak2. kompleks tu cantik jugak..ala2 putrajaya nye buildings kot.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

sabah. day 1

after thinking about all d stuff n changing d location from China cz of d influenza thingy to lots of other places, we decided to go to d land below d wind. i guess Sabah really is IN right now, cz everyone talked about Sabah these days, even d newspapers. not that newspapers could talk :P

d original plan was to go there on Friday n come back on Sunday cz my youngest bro had some motivational camp until Thursday. but, we decided to make him come home a bit early. so we took an evening flight on Thursday and arrived there around 10pm, cz d flight was delayed for a while. smpai je mmg da pnat n starving, even tho da mkn during d flight :P lpas check in terus g makan kat kedai mamak near d hotel, nasib rasa sama mcm kat cni..if not mmg x lalu la nk mkn. d hotel was very nice, tp ade technical prob lak with d room..lgsg xley tido hampeh tul. ley pulak xde bilik lain yg vacant. tpakse la tahan. d next morning terus check out.

pagi tu while waiting for our rented car, we went for a walk nearby. rupenye dkat gler ngan waterfront n d markets. tp kat sane matahari naik cpat sket from here, baru pkul brape je da panas cm tengahari. tgk2 stuff kat Pasar Kraftangan KK, mula2 mmg x interested pun. cz we didn't know that is d Filipino market, apparently they changed d name already. konon2 x heran la kat ctu, sbb nk g Filipino market kn..haha

then we started off to Penampang, cz it's Friday n there's Tamu on Thursdays n Fridays kat sane. da jln punye jauh smpai da xde signboard lagi br tanye org, rupenyer da tlepas, kne la backtrack balik. Tamu tu kat tengah2 pekan Dongongan..da la mula2 smpai kat tmpat yg slh jugak. i said to my mom, "xkn la sket sgt gerai2 ni ley jadi Tamu lak?" pastu tanye those ppl, br taw kat another area yg x jauh from there. mcm2 :P

tp i was kinda let down when i saw it, mmg la besar n bnyk brg. but d scene planted in my head was really different from what i saw. da slalu pk Tamu tu mcm gmbr dlm buku teks skolah dlu2..old ladies yg duduk atas mats or whatever, jual brg yg letak on d ground..smethg like that la kan,hehe. yg ni da moden la, like d usual pasar tani or whatever u call it mcm kat semenanjung ni jugak. n they sell baju bundle, bags n d usual..same je. makanan pun lebey kurang sama kot, kueh2 diorg besar sket..50cents per piece. tasted their apam balik, no good. they're more of d homecooked food kinda ppl kot, cz fresh stuff lagi bnyk. we didn't buy much food from vendors, cz xtaw yg mana satu halal n which aren't..except for those wearing tudung la kn. so lunch was KFC not adventurous..

lpas tu jln2 sket, went to Lok Kawi..patah balik, then lepak kat Tg.Aru jap.

then petang tu ktorg g d museum pulak. normal historical stuff, some interesting jugak even tho i'm very not into history. but i really prefer these stuff kat luar, cz ley amek gmbr..kat dlm xley :P

dinner was awesome..we went to Sinsuran, makan place beside d Pasar Kraftangan KK a.k.a Filipino Market. it was smokey ;) best kat cni d attraction was d seafood. ikan bakar, sotong bakar, udang bakar..n ade jugak stuff that i don't really recognize. i baca ade yg tulis umai, but since i don't know how my tastebuds n stomach wud react..better not..hehe. ade other types of food like fried mee n fried rice n nk watpe mkn tu kn. d seafood was really bro kurang ske, cz he said same je..sume bakar. he preferred to have our kind of ikan bakar place yg ade sweet sour fish n stuff, but i ske je Sinsuran's seafood, they're mostly larger in size some more..n i had ABC too. yg peliknye, kat cni ABC die ade masukkn macaroni skali..their recipe kot, cz every stall pun ade macaroni. i x mkn la macaroni dlm ABC tu, cz i don't eat supposedly savoury stuff with sweets..mmg la macaroni x rasa ape2 kn, but mmg xley la..