Wednesday, June 24, 2009

baby mama

i watched this movie mama, which was released last year. since it's title already mentioned baby, lagi la teruja sgt sgt nk tgk cite nih kn. it's cute..realy

i love d part when Kate (Tina Fey) was in the meeting room and everyone else sitting around the table 'turned' into babies. she's really desperate to have a baby of her own, but she can't get pregnant due to her 'T-shaped uterus'. so, she decided to find a surrogate mother for her baby..thru an agency. this is where Angie (Amy Poehler) comes in.
it was really hilarious when Angie went to live with Kate when she broke up with her 'hubby'. Kate bought books on parenting and stuff, and tried to convert Angie into someone who eats healthy organic stuff, for the sake of the baby and coz her company sells organic food..which is NOT easy.

it's very nice to see Kate and Angie getting to know each other, even tho it's difficult since they're very different.

actually Angie lied to Kate..she's not pregnant with Kate's baby, but hers and her husband's. what happened when Kate found out the baby Angie's carrying wasn't really hers?
watch it..the movie's awesome ;)

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