Friday, February 25, 2011


we went to Bank Negara Malaysia for our Investment Management class' academic trip, but everyone knows the whole point of going there is just to spend the rest of the time having fun with friends :p.

i woke up around 5.30 in the morning, when usually it won't be for another hour or so before i start my day. because of the trip to SPNB that we had last semester, i felt inclined not to rush things and end up being among the firsts there. i even had time for a cup of coffee, then i realized that i need to hurry coz it was nearly 6.50 at that time. we were supposed to be waiting there already...yikes.

when we arrived (after being summoned :p), everyone except for us were already there eating Nasi Lemak for breakfast. even the guys.

we arrived at BNM around 9.30 am, and after being herded into the hall we realized that we weren't the only one group they're having. there were also students from UUM and UNITEN. so much for exclusivity. it turned into a very 'serious' talk about investment stuff which i personally have no interest in.

the guys from UNITEN made us turn our heads a couple of times, but one of them was even better looking..he looked like some Korean actor. we threw glances that were not even near inconspicuous :p

then it was time for lunch a.k.a the most awaited time for us. at first we thought we'd be taken to Sogo for lunch, as it was the nearest to BNM. i was already thinking of running to Jalan TAR and Jalan Masjid India for a shopping spree. but the driver said there was no parking spot available there, so we had to go to KLCC..AGAIN.

so we had to spend time there..drooling over Tod's and LV and everything else. and there had to be a very heavy downpour when we were leaving - we were soaked with rain when we had to run to the bus which was parked quite a distance away. such a dramatic ending for the trip :p

Friday, February 18, 2011

am i too late?

i'm catching up with the list of John Grisham's books available - some are not to my liking, but the others like The Runaway Jury, A Time To Kill, The Rainmaker, The Street Lawyer, and The Pelican Brief caught my interest.
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i wonder if the movies can make me feel the same way the books did. i'm skeptical, coz whenever i'd anticipate a great movie..they would be a letdown somehow. this reminds me of  'Ombak Rindu' the movie taken from the same titled novel by Fauziah Ashari - how would Malaysian heartthrob Aaron Aziz fare in the movie, along with Maya Karin?

on another note, the 'kid' made my heart fluttered wildly when he's less than a feet away a couple of days ago. i think it's the first time that happened. maybe i need to avoid his usual places to minimize contact.. *sigh*

Thursday, February 10, 2011


in another post i said i've always rooted for the main lead and never the second guy, apparently i forgot about Ji-hoo in BOF

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

funny Jeong-in

look at how Jeong-in acted after being discovered by Mary ;)

and when he's jealous of Moo-gyeol


usually i'd choose the main lead in the drama, but when i watched Mary stayed out all night a.k.a. Marry me, Mary! i think the second guy's character is better. mianhe, Geun Seok. i'd root for Jeong-in (Kim Jae-wook) over and over again.

at first i made a mistake when i thought he's the same one that acted in My girlfriend is a gumiho. but that's actually Noh Min-woo (as Phillip in Pasta). Kim Jae-wook is actually the guy who made waffles in Coffee Prince. what i love about his character is that he's calm and collected compared to Moo-gyeol, and the way he expressed his love for Mary is cute.

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"Boku ga iru...Boku ga kimi wo mamotte ageru..Eien ni".  <<<<< that's totally sweet...