Sunday, February 6, 2011


usually i'd choose the main lead in the drama, but when i watched Mary stayed out all night a.k.a. Marry me, Mary! i think the second guy's character is better. mianhe, Geun Seok. i'd root for Jeong-in (Kim Jae-wook) over and over again.

at first i made a mistake when i thought he's the same one that acted in My girlfriend is a gumiho. but that's actually Noh Min-woo (as Phillip in Pasta). Kim Jae-wook is actually the guy who made waffles in Coffee Prince. what i love about his character is that he's calm and collected compared to Moo-gyeol, and the way he expressed his love for Mary is cute.

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"Boku ga iru...Boku ga kimi wo mamotte ageru..Eien ni".  <<<<< that's totally sweet...

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