Saturday, June 1, 2013

Now you don't

The Great Gatsby posed such an attraction that drew me to watch it. The first one is because of Leo DiCaprio, the main character and also the story was about people during the 1920s. Tiffany&Co. also had a part in the movie, which is also a big thing.

I love everything about The Great Gatsby, the costumes, the jewellery, the colors, and even the pretty scenes. But it was a sad movie. It is such a loss, and I blame Daisy and her husband for everything.

Next movie is Now You See Me. You see, this movie was chosen on impulse. I wanted to watch the movie KIL, in which Redza Minhat starred. But since I was going to work after the movie, I had to choose another one. KIL would be too close to the time I need to enter for work. Now You See Me was chosen because of Mark Ruffalo and Isla Fisher. No review, no nothing.                  

And I am glad I did.

It was a great movie. At first I thought it was about a bunch of thieves, planning a heist. But it is about a magician's son, now a magician himself who planned a revenge for his dead father. I always thought the French Interpol lady was the hooded person, but it was not. This one is a MUST watch.

Cute Dave Franco
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