Wednesday, February 17, 2010

love is in the air

finally i watched Valentine's Day the movie, seems that nowadays i keep on looking out for movies to watch and end up waiting for quite some time for it. at first i thought of watching Percy Jackson with my brother and then after that, maybe i'll catch the Valentine's Day alone. but since my parents said they were gonna do some shopping and decided to go out with us, we have only enuff time to watch one movie. it would be a different story if i'm driving. it's a good thing though, coz the roads were congested even though a lot of ppl went back to work today. 
the movie was really good with all the big names in it. bradley cooper is handsome as always, and same goes for eric dane..
i never imagined they'd turned out like that and was caught by surprised. i liked the part where brad and julia roberts were in the plane and had fun getting to know each other during the 14 hrs flight, 
a small part of me was hoping that they would somehow end up together..coz i already guessed that she was flying home to be with her son. 
owh, and i guessed wrong about Edison. i thought he liked Rainey and was trying really hard to make Valentines Day special for her. it was cute though when he told the person that she was his Valentines.
of all the actors and actresses, i think Taylor Swift is just not cut out to be one. she couldn't act, period. 
and the most annoying thing happened to me today, i've never had it before..but the person who sat beside me was giving comments throughout the movie. it was irritating. even if it is your habit to do that while watching the telly, please refrain from doing it in the cinema. i don't need to hear.."eh, tu anak die ke?" or "mesti die suka org tu"..ever so often during the movie. if you really can't stop yourself, please say it softly and not make me shush you. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

test the water before wading in the pool

after toying with the idea, our family decided to carry out the family day this holiday and bring together most of the members. and with the help of a friend of the family, we managed to get hold of a resort which haven't been fully booked yet (you know how it is during the holiday season). the resort is known as Lake Garden Resort, i think ( i couldn't be bothered to memorize the name) which is located near the lake in A.Keroh. from the outside it looked shabby, like it haven't been cared for so long..but the interior is pleasing enuff. we are very much delighted with the facilities..although not much, but we can still make use of them..the swimming pool of course, and the tennis court for the games.
we arrived in the afternoon of the 14th and settled in while waiting for the others to show up.
all of us were there the first night and we had barbecue dinner and fried rice with the other stuff.
the next morning, we started the day with aerobics led by my cousin and then we had breakfast before the games.
we were divided into 4 teams and had a lively time taking part in the games.
most of the time we were just thrilled to be there and be with our family, having a fabulous vacation. the last of the three days jaunt was marked by the photo session of each of the family and then all of us together, but there were also some of us who had to go back early and thus didn't get the chance to be in the photos.
our next outing is yet to be confirmed, but most prolly it would be a trip to somewhere..i really can't wait for that :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

who reached the peak first?

this was taken yesterday at my friend, Fizan's wedding. he got married first, and left us thinking. we were not really keen on the idea of getting married so early in life, but i guess everyone was forced to at least feel something :p. after the wedding..the 6 of us, all girls decided to continue our "gossip session" at another place. it was not often we can get together like that and we grabbed the opportunity, of course. Zana would follow in Fizan's footsteps next month..coincidentally on the 13th too. one by one is following suit i guess. while some of us are not in a hurry, we still groaned in 'agony' when we heard this person already got married, this person is taken, that person is not available anymore..
well, to each their own..and of course, time is of the essence..but tgk la each person's goal kn..(sj nk comfort myself :p)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

having dinner with another fifty thousand people

the other day when i got the medical leave for the slight fever that had been on and off for about a week, i still went to the dinner in Klebang..the big event with our PM. didn't attend the only class that day and still attended the dinner with thousands of ppl, lecturer would kill me if she knows :p my friends said she even asked for me. i didn't know u'd realize i'm not there, miss R.
with all the commotion and after waiting for the staff to arrange the buses in order of each block, we got on one and started fanning ourselves until the bus went on the road. imagine the school bus with no air-cond and not to mention the heat from the sun these days. thank God it's not in the afternoon, or i'd melt down to a puddle already :p
when we were nearing the place, we saw a few busloads of National service's kids. i was thinking they sure invited the whole of the nation for that particular evening, cause i didn't realize at first just how big the place is. then when we were finally there, we saw all sorts of buses taking all sorts of people from all over. there were KYM, MMU, UTeM among them..i dunno much about the others cause there was no written proof anywhere. like us, they went there on school buses and other rented buses..mcm la uitm xde bas kn.
the thing that i hated about that place was it just used the beach for the setup..imagine having to walk on a stretch of beach sands and before that on rocks. the tables were on sand was unbelievably irritating. and there was no designation for the tables, just numbers,..i bet some people were lost in the sea of tables and people that night.
the entertainment for the night was okay..there were Marsha, Anuar Zain singing 'kain pelikat', Fiq, Bob AF, the Kenny person who resembles Sudirman, Ali Mamak and a few others.
the food was horrible though..tasteless asam pedas, diluted gravy of pisang masak lemak, and salty fried chicken among them. to be expected when it's given free :p
most of the ppl were waiting until the end of the event for the lucky draw, wanna see if they're lucky enuff to get the Perodua Viva. i think most of the prizes were won by guys.
and the last part of all, waiting to go back. we had to wait for around half an hour just to drive past the 'dataran'. i dunno how the other bus from my block can get back to the campus in just half an hour, but we were stuck in the long line of buses and cars and only arrived back at 3 in the morning. it was very tiring.