Wednesday, February 17, 2010

love is in the air

finally i watched Valentine's Day the movie, seems that nowadays i keep on looking out for movies to watch and end up waiting for quite some time for it. at first i thought of watching Percy Jackson with my brother and then after that, maybe i'll catch the Valentine's Day alone. but since my parents said they were gonna do some shopping and decided to go out with us, we have only enuff time to watch one movie. it would be a different story if i'm driving. it's a good thing though, coz the roads were congested even though a lot of ppl went back to work today. 
the movie was really good with all the big names in it. bradley cooper is handsome as always, and same goes for eric dane..
i never imagined they'd turned out like that and was caught by surprised. i liked the part where brad and julia roberts were in the plane and had fun getting to know each other during the 14 hrs flight, 
a small part of me was hoping that they would somehow end up together..coz i already guessed that she was flying home to be with her son. 
owh, and i guessed wrong about Edison. i thought he liked Rainey and was trying really hard to make Valentines Day special for her. it was cute though when he told the person that she was his Valentines.
of all the actors and actresses, i think Taylor Swift is just not cut out to be one. she couldn't act, period. 
and the most annoying thing happened to me today, i've never had it before..but the person who sat beside me was giving comments throughout the movie. it was irritating. even if it is your habit to do that while watching the telly, please refrain from doing it in the cinema. i don't need to hear.."eh, tu anak die ke?" or "mesti die suka org tu"..ever so often during the movie. if you really can't stop yourself, please say it softly and not make me shush you. 

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