Sunday, March 21, 2010

the case of mistaken identity

i was so excited at the prospect of doing something nice for others that i got my clothes ready the night before, well actually i had to wake up early in the morning..and i'd rather not rush. the girl said we would have to be at the pickup point by 7-ish, just imagine that. but since it was still dark, i had the time for a cuppa while waiting for the first streak of light.

then me and my friend walked to the place where we're supposed to meet everyone else, whom we haven't the slightest idea of. we enjoyed the walk along the lakeside with the chirpings of birds getting ready to start the day, and not anyone else was around. it felt like the old days when we had to get up extra early for school.

when we arrived there, we could see this group of people waiting..but apparently they don't look like they're part of our group. several donned similar looking trackbottoms and we deduced that they were going elsewhere. but to be on the safe side, we asked them..of course. and yeah, they were going to UTeM for some sort of match that we didn't bother to ask.

there were no one else around there, except at the Padang Kawad coz there was an event for the office management students. it was too early to see other human beings of course, it was an early saturday morning :p

we had this idea of being left behind, with the others coming extra early. but we threw away that notion as fast as we blurt it out, it just couldn't be that way. so, we waited for the others and talked. what else to do while sitting by the road side :p then suddenly a car stopped beside us and the person inside asked whether we're from tun fatimah, we nodded and after that she drove towards the parking lot. both of us thought the person is the person from HEP that's gonna be with us during the duration of the program. but then she stayed in her car, and we looked around for the others. finally a group of guys came and i said maybe they're with us. the next to arrive was another lady with two children tagging along.

apparently the person that we thought was from HEP is actually a student, and of the same age as my friend. of course younger 4 years than me, but both of us thought she was someone older..maybe a staff. the second lady was the real staff :p there were supposed to be 12 girls but only 3 of us showed up, and after making an effort to wait for them we went to the place.

it was not that far from our campus, and we arrived there after 15 minutes or so. both the staff and the driver don't have any idea where we're really going, and when we arrived in the village the driver drove slowly as to enable us to point out "a place with a lot of people". great.

it was a community hall actually, and when we arrived there were people going around doing something. and the place was decked with banners and decos, like there would be some sort of VIP coming through the entrance any minute after we arrived. our arrival was announced, and that made me feel like royalties :p it's usually me waiting for the announcement of VIPs' arrival and suddenly it's my turn..haha

i thought we would be listening to speeches by the VIP at the end of the program, but no. we were told to make ourselves comfortable, and all of us actually stuck out like a sore thumb among the others who were bustling around getting ready. so we chose to sit at the back of the hall and i took out the novel i brought just incase something like this happened.

the program we thought was doing work for needy people or in the words of the girl who looked for volunteers, doing something for orphans..was actually some kind of presentation of the youth org of the village to the panel of jury. they were vying for an award, and before going to the national level, they had to hear all the comments from the jury. so much so for doing about blunders people make.
so we had nothing to do other than sitting there and listen to the presentation and comments the whole time. good thing i brought the book, and even managed to finish half of it there. my friend and the staff even managed to have a nap, imagine how bored we were. but then the food made going there worth while :p there were lempeng (pancake), fried bihun and jemput2 ikan bilis with sambal and chicken curry. i took a lil bit of everything except the curry. it's been a while since i've had lempeng, and it was good. the same goes for the jemput2. for lunch we had nasi tomato, which was scrumptious too.
during the presentation, my friend talked with one auntie beside her. there were two girls with her and we thought they are her children, but they're her grandkids actually. talk about looking young for your age ;) we felt like pinching the younger girl's chubby. and i like her lashes..long and curly. but she's shy so she didn't talk much. you can see her applying lipgloss on her lips in these pictures..young kids are learning to be vain early in life these days.

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