Friday, March 26, 2010

thought i could stomach it

i went for an interview today, coz i think career advancement is extremely important..big bucks for the bigger title we hold. to be a Public Relations & Events Manager for a company which is the sole distributor of Germany-born cars is of course better than a Marketing Exec for the distributor of South Korea-born cars. so i chose the former. it's about getting new challenges too, not only the money that beckons :p

besides i get to give out orders if i'm the manager, right..LOL

and so the journey started with thinking about the outfit to be worn, and figuring out what the question that i'm supposed to answer..i did some homework okay. didn't really think i'd go there with nothing prepared u?

lemme count, i've been to an interview when i was 17, a mock one before two of my school teachers. another  one was when i applied for the temporary job, one for my appraisal during the few months on the job, one for when i applied to get in degree program for mass comm (which i blew thru and thru) guess i'm not those type then..haha

just a few, and don't even need both of my hands to count..let alone my toes :p

for those who may have been guessing that this one's a mock one too, you're right..yeay.

we had to cut out an advert of our own choice and prepare the relevant documents just like a real interview..all these for a management subject.

the day before the interview i was being fine with everything. thought i'd wear baju kurung, since i wanted to go back home right after the interview and i'm not gonna turn heads with the shirt and slack plus rouge and everything on my face. so i got everything ready and even tried to write down answers for some possible questions, but typical me..anything having to do with education made me sleepy. so after some hinting yawns and my eyes going sepet, i decided to hit the sack. yet, when i did some bedtime reading my eyes went big like i've never felt sleepy at all :p

come morning i took my own sweet time getting ready like i was the last person to go for the interview (i'm in the middle of the 10 person list). like every other time when i'm in the rush of getting ready, my mascara smudged when i blinked, the eyeliner also smudged, had to reapply the foundation and powder a few times after that (after i took care of the smudges), the blusher was too bright (i don't wear blusher, normally) and i had to pat some more powder on top of convenient.

and when i arrived, the second person was already inside. it was sweltering, but luckily i didn't sweat much at that time..thank goodness. we sat outside, talking about the questions asked and tried to calm ourselves. this was what i did :p

the other 'applicants'
then when i went inside, i was feeling okay. but the questions..oh my. i thought like everyone else i'd get questions that are quite easy..the usual simple stuff. but when my turn came, it was like the real deal. i gave out a lot of "ummm...i think..ummm" "being a..what do you call it?..ummm". the questions did get me off track. and if i remember it correctly, i sure did give some answers that totally don't match the question asked..HAHA. surely the lecturer pening one.

i should have just pick out advert for a Finance manager or something. something a bit out of the lecturer's main expertise. it's done though..


LORD ZARA 札拉 said...

I miss J.Co~


diya said...

kat jusco ade syg..sila dtg sini okay