Monday, February 25, 2013

Family time

My sister came back home, so I took some time off from work. A very much needed break, I would say..considering my health condition.

We went to Legoland down south, with youngest brother out of the picture. It was the first time we went anywhere without him. But USS still trumps Legoland any day, to me and mom.

Enjoy the pictures.

The entrance

The Taj Mahal

Wishing we're in Singapore

Do I need to step on this thing?

Mom and Dad putting out the fire.

Then the next day we went to visit my youngest brother, and we went berserk at Candylicious. 

I should have gotten these huge Pepero for myself.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Black out period

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone who celebrates. I do the celebrating part too, at work.

These past few days, customers kept pouring in. By the end of the day, even if we felt sore and tired..we do feel all our hard work being paid off when we looked at the numbers. Please do hand out bigger packets, big boss :)

I never notice this before until a colleague pointed it out to me - wherever I am stationed during the peak hours, there would be a long queue of beverage waiting. One night I was helping out at the La Marzocco, then the cashiers kept on adding up the marked cups whenever the numbers diminish. I did that for two hours straight (at least).
The next day, I helped out the cold beverage station. The same thing happened there. The cups kept on coming my way.
He jokingly asked for my 'pelaris'. It's not even my business, why would I be having those things? :p

But I do remember the same thing happened many times before, even in the previous store. Or is it coincidence?

Busy bees, like Zara said
On another note, I am happy everything run smoothly in my store these busy-like-crazy days even if the store was left in our hands without the manager and assistant. Only me with 6 months period of being a supervisor, and another, who's only been a supervisor for 4 months. :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Saying goodbye

I woke up earlier than usual today, because of the cold weather I guess.
But then maybe it was my subconscious mind waking me up for the event scheduled.

The last time I got my teeth extracted was probably two decades ago. Yeah, that long. Now that the treatment has been agreed on, the doctor said he needed to extract two on this very day. So just like that I cannot use my mouth, on the right side that is. The process was painless, and I would say a breeze if not for the harder-to-pull-out second tooth.That one took some time and I felt the tool being in contact with my tooth.
Bye bye teeth..

Now let me tell you a little secret, every time the doctor started to reach for my mouth ever since Day 1..I would shut my eyes tightly. Scaredy cat I am. Because by doing that, I wouldn't have to look at all his tools coming inside my mouth :p
But I have not feel any pain from Day 1 until now. Hopefully that will go on forever, but I know that is not the case.

Pain afterwards are a different story, because I would be telling a fib if I say I don't feel any pain.

The first thing that went inside my mouth after that was Vanilla Cream Frappe. I am not a big fan of anything without coffee, but since this is meant to soothe the gums..Vanilla Cream it is.
This is the way I have my drinks - no whipped cream.

I had chicken porridge for lunch, and my gums was still numb so it was okay. Lunch with friends went well without any pain.

But when I ate rice for dinner, it was a step too soon I guess. Even a small contact with rice made me feel the pain.

Next week another one is coming out. Yikes. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

happy feet

I had a great day today, if not for a small glitch.

But let's just focus on the nice things that happened today. I think it was in the afternoon that this three person came and looked around at the menu board. Then one of them started to tell me about the bad experience they had at another store. The drinks was not up to their liking. They were wondering what was happening. And they even confided in me that they had intentions to go to another brand.

I told them this, "Please don't go there. Do stay, and I'll make sure your drinks are made just the way you want them."

I tried my best (all within my power) to save the guests from having bad perception about us again.

When I asked if they are happy with what we served them, they told me.. "Thank you very much. You saved Mermaid!"
I can never be happier when I heard that.

And I had lunch with great friends, a bit late and short one..but definitely made my day. Perhaps next time a whole day spend together friends? ;)

Sunday, February 3, 2013


I couldn't really recall since when can I get this vibe from some (not all) people, who some day will give me trouble.
It's just a matter of time.

I can't believe that I got that at the first look of the guy, the bad vibe I mean. I saw him, and Taylor Swift's I Know You Were Trouble keeps on playing in my head..haha, okay that is not true.
I just got this feeling in my gut, plus his sneaky look :p

I forgot what else he did yesterday (which was his first day with us) but he kept on asking  for everyone's ID number - to know how long we've been with the company. To compare and make sure we're all "kids" compared to him. He even highlighted to me that he have been with the company for 5 looooooooong years. Well, you shouldn't be glad that you have been that old in the company and yet we hold the same title dude.

And then today, his second day working with us - he has the nerve to change all our norms. That is my store and my staff. You have no right to do that without asking us first. I was so pissed off that I retaliated - I need to take care of my staff of course. There were mostly new staff  around at that time and they have just learnt some things and bearing them in mind. How can you make them confuse with all your ways??

Then he went running to my store manager to tell tales. Fine. I felt like working with a 5-year old suddenly. Why, you think my manager will scold me because of that? Pfft..

Thank God he's just placed with us temporarily. Time please move faster, I can't wait for the new store to open and for him to get out of my store.