Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Black out period

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone who celebrates. I do the celebrating part too, at work.

These past few days, customers kept pouring in. By the end of the day, even if we felt sore and tired..we do feel all our hard work being paid off when we looked at the numbers. Please do hand out bigger packets, big boss :)

I never notice this before until a colleague pointed it out to me - wherever I am stationed during the peak hours, there would be a long queue of beverage waiting. One night I was helping out at the La Marzocco, then the cashiers kept on adding up the marked cups whenever the numbers diminish. I did that for two hours straight (at least).
The next day, I helped out the cold beverage station. The same thing happened there. The cups kept on coming my way.
He jokingly asked for my 'pelaris'. It's not even my business, why would I be having those things? :p

But I do remember the same thing happened many times before, even in the previous store. Or is it coincidence?

Busy bees, like Zara said
On another note, I am happy everything run smoothly in my store these busy-like-crazy days even if the store was left in our hands without the manager and assistant. Only me with 6 months period of being a supervisor, and another, who's only been a supervisor for 4 months. :)

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