Sunday, February 3, 2013


I couldn't really recall since when can I get this vibe from some (not all) people, who some day will give me trouble.
It's just a matter of time.

I can't believe that I got that at the first look of the guy, the bad vibe I mean. I saw him, and Taylor Swift's I Know You Were Trouble keeps on playing in my head..haha, okay that is not true.
I just got this feeling in my gut, plus his sneaky look :p

I forgot what else he did yesterday (which was his first day with us) but he kept on asking  for everyone's ID number - to know how long we've been with the company. To compare and make sure we're all "kids" compared to him. He even highlighted to me that he have been with the company for 5 looooooooong years. Well, you shouldn't be glad that you have been that old in the company and yet we hold the same title dude.

And then today, his second day working with us - he has the nerve to change all our norms. That is my store and my staff. You have no right to do that without asking us first. I was so pissed off that I retaliated - I need to take care of my staff of course. There were mostly new staff  around at that time and they have just learnt some things and bearing them in mind. How can you make them confuse with all your ways??

Then he went running to my store manager to tell tales. Fine. I felt like working with a 5-year old suddenly. Why, you think my manager will scold me because of that? Pfft..

Thank God he's just placed with us temporarily. Time please move faster, I can't wait for the new store to open and for him to get out of my store.


ahkakbatik said...

alamak cahya.. this kind of people is everywherelah. biarkan luncai dgn labu2 nya sebab with that kind of attitude, dia takleh pergi mana pun.

cahya indah said...

tu laa auntie, now I'm bearing everything inside je. kesian kat staff, when he ordered them to do things out of the ordinary.