Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Saying goodbye

I woke up earlier than usual today, because of the cold weather I guess.
But then maybe it was my subconscious mind waking me up for the event scheduled.

The last time I got my teeth extracted was probably two decades ago. Yeah, that long. Now that the treatment has been agreed on, the doctor said he needed to extract two on this very day. So just like that I cannot use my mouth, on the right side that is. The process was painless, and I would say a breeze if not for the harder-to-pull-out second tooth.That one took some time and I felt the tool being in contact with my tooth.
Bye bye teeth..

Now let me tell you a little secret, every time the doctor started to reach for my mouth ever since Day 1..I would shut my eyes tightly. Scaredy cat I am. Because by doing that, I wouldn't have to look at all his tools coming inside my mouth :p
But I have not feel any pain from Day 1 until now. Hopefully that will go on forever, but I know that is not the case.

Pain afterwards are a different story, because I would be telling a fib if I say I don't feel any pain.

The first thing that went inside my mouth after that was Vanilla Cream Frappe. I am not a big fan of anything without coffee, but since this is meant to soothe the gums..Vanilla Cream it is.
This is the way I have my drinks - no whipped cream.

I had chicken porridge for lunch, and my gums was still numb so it was okay. Lunch with friends went well without any pain.

But when I ate rice for dinner, it was a step too soon I guess. Even a small contact with rice made me feel the pain.

Next week another one is coming out. Yikes. 


CS said...

Bye bye teeth. What a pity when they are still in good condition, yet they have to be extracted. I guess you are about to wear braces? Hmmm...when my anak2 guna mendealah tu, I was like NO! sbb sayang kat gigi yg masih molek dicabut tapi dah kehendaknya begitu, cant do anything anymore.

cahya indah said...

betul auntie, nak pakai braces soon. those teeth are in the way..kena la take out. ada 3 lagi or maybe 4 yg coming soon bye bye. tak boleh enjoy food anymore :(

ahkakbatik said...

sudah rongak kaaa... anak auntie pakai braces every 4-6 weeks adjust besi mesti makan porride je for a few days... but after that belasah nasik 2 pinggan la.. cover balik porridge day tu.

2 thn lg dak cahya ni tambah cun melecun la yea..

cahya indah said...

betul la dah rongak ni auntie Tek. baru cabut gigi pun dah tak larat nak makan dah. Tinggal gusi je dua2 belah.

Nikmat makan dah kena tarik sikit. Hehe.

2 tahun lagi mintak2 cahya kurus laa, auntie. sebab da kurang makan :)