Monday, April 23, 2012

two weeks

It's been that long since I entered the new company and the training session started..that is such a short time, but it already feels like a year here. Thanks to the awesome trainer and colleagues. I can't think of the time when we have to part ways at the end of the training period.

If only my convocation ceremony is not on the same day as the last day of training. I'm going to miss them so much. Hopefully all our plans would work out.

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Yesterday, or should I just say early this morning I was sent away by my former colleagues all dripping from head to toe. They purposely assigned me to the closing shift, which I spent my own sweet time cleaning all the stuff - I was sick of cleaning everything already, after 4 nights straight of same old closing shift.

I finished one hour later than the usual and had to let them pour two containers of yucky murky water on my body. They even sprayed whipped cream on me. Boohoo.
Yes, there were photos of me taken by them..but I wouldn't want to look at those photos. So no photos will be posted here also. Fortunately they were kind enough to bring out water for me to wash myself a bit. If not, I'd be a disgusting looking creature with flour and all sticking on my clothes.

Those few minutes of fun for them was a nightmare for me. I had to soak the clothes long enough until they stopped smelling yucky. Huhu.

If only it was like this
Image via David Bergman

Now I'm so lazy to pack my clothes. I need to borrow Mary Poppins' bag.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

switch it off

I used to love sitting in the dark during Earth Hour in the past years when I was a student. If it's up to me, I would say let's just switch the lights off all night.

This year I went through the Earth Hour at work, taking orders from customers who varies from those who shoved their smartphones/tablets in our faces and those who asked for our help in checking in to foursquare to get the free frappe.
Image via ho kang tao
All I can say was I am glad I was only taking orders, and not doing the longggggggggg line of frappes. Even if all I needed to do was talking, it was very taxing. This photo doesn't quite describe the real crowd that night.
Image via foursquare