Wednesday, December 29, 2010

cute to the max

park shin hye and jang geun suk looking very cute together in an Etude House ad

Sunday, December 19, 2010


one of the perks of watching Korean drama is when i can drool over the food. ermm..that is not really a perk :p

it's interesting to watch banchan covering the whole table when they eat, and the steaming hot soup or stew in the centre.
then there's the street snacks like the fish cake in hot pots, bungeoppang (fish shaped pastry filled with bean paste), and tteokbokki/ddukbokki (spicy rice cake).
fish cake
my all time favorite would be bibimbap (mixed rice) with raw yolk on top, japchae and bulgogi.
pictures googled

Friday, December 17, 2010

fly me to the moon

i love this song even before i watched the drama, but i love it even more when he sang it

Friday, December 10, 2010

trip to USS part 4

time for lots and lots of pictures. i love Ancient Egypt the best, it can be considered a preview from the real Egypt to me. can't wait to go to Egypt ;)
i love looking at this

in the New York section, we took pictures and then managed to watch the Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg. it showed the effects the movie people will make to show a category 5 hurricane.

we took pictures in Sci-Fi City too, too bad the Battlestar Galactica: Human vs Cylon is not open yet.

we managed to catch the last show for Donkey LIVE, where Donkey (Shrek's sidekick) sings and interact with us, the audience.
the emcee

the last picture before rushing to the bus.

trip to USS part 3

we walked around the Ancient Egypt after lunch and the Treasure Hunters.

then all of us headed to WaterWorld to watch the 'live' water show. for starters, the audience who chose to sit in the splash zone were splashed with buckets of water and squirted with water guns. it seemed like the actors had a really fun time compared to those people :p

the show is a must-watch. it was complete with explosions, fire and all sorts of effects. 

save the best for last - we decided to ride Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure before moving on. the boat ride would definitely make you go out soaking wet if you're lucky enough. and i'm definitely lucky that day. i was soaked through and through. the boat ride is better than similar rides in water-themed parks.

after that i had to go around drenched while looking for the restroom to change. i think i was one of the worst cases - everyone else was not that wet compared to me and my dad. after changing all of my energy was gone, and i had the little left to go on taking pictures only. oh, all those walking and rides and maybe taking pictures will make you dehydrated. i was thirsty all the time, and it was worse after the Rapids Adventure. 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

trip to USS part 2

after taking some pictures in the Madagascar area and looking at the souvenirs available, we moved on to Far Far Away. here, Shrek and the rest of the gang is ready to entertain.

first we went on the roller coaster ride - Enchanted Airways. it was a short ride, but was able to make my head spin a little bit. me and my sister went to queue up first before the others, and after the ride we took some pictures at the opposite of the palace.

then it was time for Shrek 4-D adventure, which was similar to one of the Sentosa attractions. it was a refreshing show, literally. we went out of the palace by walking through the Fairy Godmother's Potion Shop and there is a ferris wheel inside the shop - Magic Potion Spin, meant for children.

Shrek and Fiona were ready for pictures the next time we walked past the tree house (sort of), and again there was a long line waiting for their turn.

next to Far Far Away is The Lost World. yeah, you guessed right. it's dinosaurs' time for action. we walked around to see what they have to offer, and decided to skip the boat ride for later. i opted to ride the Canopy Flier with my dad and youngest brother, while the others checked out the Dino-Soarin. the Canopy Flier made me dizzy again, fortunately most rides like that only took a few minutes. a little girl even cried after the ride ended.

then we waited for everyone to finish before going to lunch. the agent in JB recommended us to eat at the Oasis Spice Cafe in the Ancient Egypt. the same goes for an immigration officer in the Woodlands Checkpoint, he recommended my mom to eat there.

the buffeteria served Mediterranean, Lebanese, Turkish and Indian fares. i'm even impressed with the interior, but i guess i'm just partial to anything with Egyptian theme. i had set 1 - The Sphinx, it had chicken kebabs, chickpeas in spices and other side dishes. forgot to take photo of it, as usual. i was too famished to remember.

after lunch, we ride the desert jeeps in Treasure Hunters coz it was next door to the restaurant. it was a kiddy ride too, but the scenery from the jeep made up for the excitement factor.

i regret not having enough time to ride the indoor roller coaster in Revenge of the Mummy.

trip to USS part 1

no i didn't type it wrong. it's really USS for Universal Studios Singapore. i did a short one mentioning USS before, and definitely happy when i got my wish ;)

there were 12 of us including three cousins,  two aunties and one uncle - and we made up half of the group. we started off from JB. since ours was a small group, i didn't think there would be so many people. but i forgot that this is the school holidays. when we reached the entrance a little after 10 in the morning, we could see the sea of people right away. and that was only the entrance, there were people wherever we went.

the USS is divided into different sections and each had their own merchandise store and restaurants, usually according to the themes.

first stop was Hollywood, there were a lot of pretty places and i wanted to record everything that i only found out that we missed watching the monsters in the rock-n-roll musical in the Pantages Hollywood Theater. there were a lot of merchandise stores, and we only managed to sneak in the Universal Studios store at the end of the day. it was congested, i guess because it offers the largest variety. i managed to get an Eiffel tower charm for myself there. they had so many different charms that i had a really hard time choosing. huge crowd overflowed the street, this is especially true for Hollywood.

the next section is Madagascar, only one attraction is available right now - King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round, the carousel. but there was a really long line, so we didn't ride that one. but after seeing every attraction had the same long lines, we just can't skip everything and had to do what everyone else did - queue up in the hot weather.