Thursday, December 9, 2010

shy girl

last Thursday my family went back to my aunt's house in Prai. well, it was Friday actually. we stopped for the night in Ipoh because of my sister's flight.

on Saturday my other aunt came with her family from Seremban. that was my first time meeting her 3 years old daughter, before this i have only seen pictures of her. she was so shy and would only look at me when i called her name. but when it comes to singing the birthday song, she was the loudest and happiest :)

we had a birthday celebration for my mom and her twin sister's 8 years old son. my mom's twin sis couldn't join us up north though. there were so much food that we couldn't finish them even after several helpings each :p

youngest aunt with her hubby and 5 of my 7 cousins

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