Friday, December 10, 2010

trip to USS part 3

we walked around the Ancient Egypt after lunch and the Treasure Hunters.

then all of us headed to WaterWorld to watch the 'live' water show. for starters, the audience who chose to sit in the splash zone were splashed with buckets of water and squirted with water guns. it seemed like the actors had a really fun time compared to those people :p

the show is a must-watch. it was complete with explosions, fire and all sorts of effects. 

save the best for last - we decided to ride Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure before moving on. the boat ride would definitely make you go out soaking wet if you're lucky enough. and i'm definitely lucky that day. i was soaked through and through. the boat ride is better than similar rides in water-themed parks.

after that i had to go around drenched while looking for the restroom to change. i think i was one of the worst cases - everyone else was not that wet compared to me and my dad. after changing all of my energy was gone, and i had the little left to go on taking pictures only. oh, all those walking and rides and maybe taking pictures will make you dehydrated. i was thirsty all the time, and it was worse after the Rapids Adventure. 

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