Sunday, December 19, 2010


one of the perks of watching Korean drama is when i can drool over the food. ermm..that is not really a perk :p

it's interesting to watch banchan covering the whole table when they eat, and the steaming hot soup or stew in the centre.
then there's the street snacks like the fish cake in hot pots, bungeoppang (fish shaped pastry filled with bean paste), and tteokbokki/ddukbokki (spicy rice cake).
fish cake
my all time favorite would be bibimbap (mixed rice) with raw yolk on top, japchae and bulgogi.
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somuffins said...

Salam n hi ....
Balas ziarah kekdahnya nih :-) Nice blog you have here. Do you like everything about Korea??

Al-kisah, I was there decades ago. Looking at the food you pasted here, aaarghhh... nostalgia tu. Those are the food I ate then (of coz we seek the halal ones.. bulgogi nyum2).

BTW, you look like Chinese (or Korean/Japanese). Are you the product of a mixed-marriage?

cahya indah said...

salam..hye somuffins ;)

thanks for reading. yes, i LOVE everything Korean walaupun belum ada chance nak pegi sana yet.
the food and actors are drool-worthy..hehe. the places pun cantik2 kan.

and yup i've got Chinese blood in me from Mom. tapi atok nenek belah ayah pun ada Chinese blood.