Friday, September 25, 2009


it's Jung Il Woo..the human rights lawyer in Korean drama 'take care of the young lady'. 
at first i watched the drama coz of Yoon Eun Hye, the one who acted in Goong..then dpt tgk JIW. owh, he's so cute. been trying to watch the drama online, tp asyik xley tgk je..maybe coz baru lagi kot. kat KBS pulak baru smpai episode 4 yesterday. 
my fave pose :p

horseback riding..ooohh

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

lunch at my house

most of my family planned to go back to their own place today, so we decided to have them for lunch here at my house. we cooked ayam masak kicap, sambal sotong, tempe goreng cili, asam pedas, ikan belanak goreng, sayur kubis..

asam pedas ngan sayur x smpat nk amek gmbar..sume pun licin :)
the first to come of course yg dekat..pak ngah, uda, busu and mak lang with their family..sume tu stay kat my late grandparents' house, so dekat je la.

then, abang Boy baru je balek from T'ganu..his wife's hometown. smpai je terus dtg my house. lpas tu baru la his mom, mak long and the others arrived. anak abang Boy, Isya ni pun 1st time i tgk..da 1 year plus da. keje die ske gigit Adi, kak ngah's youngest son.

kjap je die da peluk2 Adi tu, nk kne leraikan da..kalau lmbt abes la Adi. Adi duduk je kat my lap, Isya wud pull his hand and suruh die bangun..jeles la tu. sometimes Adi tu nanges gak bile Isya da start pgg die..fobia kot :p Aiha lak tido je, mase nk dkat balek baru die she was a bit cranky. i pgg Adi kjap pun die da ckp "eyh tu baby kte la". da la Adi ligat gler..nk lari aje. i dpt pgg pun kalau bawak die jalan2 pusing satu umah smpai keluar tgk pokok and bugs kalau x mmg asyik struggling nk turun from my lap...
achik's family je x dpt join ktorg..coz both she and her hubby started work today. 

Friday, September 18, 2009

is it that ugly?

i watched 'the ugly truth' yesterday afternoon, since i got to spend several hours by myself before being picked up by my parents. i was supposed to do some shopping, but i figured out by watching the movie i'd get some rest..before walking around the big place. ceyt..alasan, padehal mmg nk tgk Gerard Butler n Katherine Heigl. 

the doctor is kinda cute too, but then mcm x exciting kot..reject la :p 

Friday, September 11, 2009

my own copy

after waiting for so long, i finally got this today..

tp maybe x larat nk start baca yet, coz my eyes are so tired..i haven't got enuff sleep for 2 nites in a row already. time nk dekat cuti raya ni, lecturer sume mcm in a race..sume terkejar2 nk wat quizzes and tests. owh, us students have to be in the race too..kejar baca buku tu..pastu kejar baca notes yg ni pulak. okay maybe i was exaggerating..smlm mmg xde mood nk baca buku marketing. yeah, u read it right. it is my fave subject..tapi i am who i am..malas nk hafal bnyk2. lpas hantar kuih raya kat my customers, a few of them..yg laen have to wait till Sunday keyh..konon mcm nk start baca notes la for today's quiz. pastu ade pulak org dtg jual shawls..and brooches and bracelets. kitorg pun bkumpul la rmai2 kat bilik sbelah. last2 x baca pun..:p da tu lpas sahur tpakse la bersengkang mata..sape suruh kan..haha
i feel like asking someone's opinion about something quite important..but then, mcm segan la pulak. xpe la..