Friday, July 13, 2012


Thank God it's Friday?

I didn't even realize today's Friday. I don't even put names to the other days anymore. I only take note of my rest day. And I spent it at home, sleeping. Very unlike me, tsk tsk..

Last Sunday I was the first one to arrive at work, and as I headed upstairs to the office I heard something moving and some hissing sound coming from the fuse box (not the small one, this one is big). I am one to think of the worst things that can happen to me..haha. So I was eyeing my bag all the time when I was up there, thinking that the fuse box is going to start a fire or something :p Then other people started to come and I was a bit calm. Later in the afternoon, the stairs had this funny smell and we just assumed that it was a rat that died in the fuse box.
Come Tuesday, we couldn't quite stand the smell anymore (after scrubbing the stairs from top to bottom) and called around to get people to remove the carcass of the rat or whatever was in there. No one wanted to do it.
Then our neighbor called the authority and got a response. It was on my rest day..Thank God. Wanna know what they found in the fuse box? It was a python that died in there..and it was a big one. That made me scared even more. What if it didn't hide in the fuse box and went upstairs when I was in the office alone?
Then one of the crew just HAD to show me the image of the every time I went upstairs and smell the yucky smell, I get goosebumps all over.

Friday, July 6, 2012


. . . is where the heart is. I'm now back, and working nearer to home.
 The news was thrown to me out of the blue, so I rushed back to pack all my things and come back home. I was told that it would be soon that I'll be getting the green light to transfer to where I wanted all along. But when all it took was just days, I was really taken aback. I was like.."whoa, that's so fast". But at the same time I'm glad I get to come back before Ramadhan starts.

I am still adjusting myself to the new place. Yeah, it's basically the same stuff..just the way they manage things are a bit different.

I just need more work assigned to me. All I do is sit down and watch the crew work, my help is seldom needed..that made me sleepy. Haha.

I miss the previous much. And everyone there too. Should I go visit them anytime soon?