Thursday, December 29, 2011

more please

I need another day of rest please. Tomorrow and the day after that I'll be working the night shift - that will be too much on my body, I know. Whenever those days come, I'll be having second thoughts about this work. Haha.

You should have seen our tired faces during Christmas. The crowd was massive, we didn't even get time to breathe :p I wish I could get a new pair of legs right after work.

I don't have to work today, so I went to do the clearance at my alma mater this morning. It was a breeze, since the juniors are away on holiday. There's no need to fight for parking space and I didn't have to walk much - lucky me. Else it wouldn't really be a rest day for me. I went to the hostel administration office for one of the signatures required and met a staff who recognized me. He asked questions like where would I continue my studies after this, etc. But the last question made me laughed all the way back to the car. Actually my answer was the funny one. He asked where did I stay when I used to live inside the campus, and I had to answer Mawar. Gosh. Silly me. He made a weird face and said where's Mawar? Haha. I was thinking about the Mawar hostel that I used to stay in when I was in Shah Alam. I couldn't quite recall Tun Fatimah..right until the last few steps to my car. And I even parked my car in front of Tun Fatimah at that time. I need some memory enhancers I guess. Lol.

Came back home and slept for a bit. Then I went to the pharmacy. It seems like ever since I started working, I kept on spending money at phamacies. Huhu. No time for shopping and entertainment anymore I guess, time for self-preservation :p

My family went out for dinner at Dima in Bukit Beruang for Middle Eastern dishes. I had Chicken Kabsa, but my favorite thing of all is the relish. Yums. I'm still feeling full, because that is not the only thing I ate. Add in the bread with wings and I think I should run up a few flight of stairs daily after this.
The relish is the only thing I need

Friday, December 23, 2011

nappeun namja

That Korean phrase translates to Bad Guy in English.

I heard the guys talked about this one guy who used to be a partner at our outlet a long time ago. He's married and yet he spends time at our outlet with his girlfriend daily. Yes, every single day you can see them lounging around sipping on beverages and going online using the Wi-Fi service available.

And today, he asked a favor from my supervisor to send a gift to another girl who's working in the same row as our outlet. As my supervisor couldn't leave the outlet unattended, he told me to go instead. That other girl is less than half his age. Fresh out of school. And he had the cheek to make me cover his act from his girlfriend..whom just a half hour before was bragging to my supervisor that she treats her guy nicely and he didn't fool around behind her (as if).

That needs a cliche right there and then. What goes around comes around. Simple as it is. Karma. Don't do unto others what you don't want others do unto you. That is for the girlfriend.

All of us need somebody to pass us the mirror some time, right?

But what about the shameless and heartless guy? Anybody wants to run over somebody? I'll show you a picture of him. Haha.

Okay..seriously. He needs someone to hit him on his head.
This image doesn't even describe the complex situation.
Image via Tecdiary

Thursday, December 22, 2011


I love this day the most, even though it's been only what..a week? Okay, I love this day of all my working days to date. It wasn't a waste to go out real early to work and go back home later than I'm supposed to.

A little praise goes a looooooong way. All the stiffness in the arms, neck and feet went away like magic. Not. Haha. But it still makes me happy. Sometimes I do feel like throwing in the towel and just look for another kind of painful job. Especially when I'm assigned to the last shift like I mentioned before countless times. But it would not be easy to find people like them, awesome partners. So I'll try my hardest to grit my teeth and withstand the gale-force wind. Exaggerating, I know.

My feet hurt and I'm very sleepy. Besides I need to get up early tomorrow, I'll just watch Wooyoung dance for a bit and then hit the sack. Good night peeps.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

sweet lolly

I wasn't interested in watching Dream High at first..because Hyun Joong just made a few minutes' appearance. And I thought 2PM's Taecyeon is the main character because of the first episode.

Then when a friend asked if I already watched the series, and gushed about Jason and Kim Pil-sook..I started to continue from where I stopped much earlier.

Jason (2PM's Wooyoung) and Kim Pil-sook (IU) are a sweet couple. Oh Jason's so sweet when he saved Pil-sook from embarrassment when their schoolmate made fun of Pil-sook's skirt.
I can't forget the look on Jason's face when he first saw Pil-sook after the 200 days. "Long time no see"..ngeee.

You have to see for yourself the time when Pil-sook sang with Sam-dong in class, and Jason kept on smiling at Pil-sook when she sang. But when it's Sam-dong's turn, Jason will get irritated and kept on looking at him like telling him to shut up and let his favorite girl sing alone. *sigh* He'll be banned by every single dentist in the world :p
And there's the time when he went crazy in Japan after he thought Pil-sook is very ill.

I love all the songs they sang too..especially this one. I can listen to this over and over again.

Images via fanpop, fanpop, sharisayshi, asianpopcorn, and Seoul Awesome.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

not for the faint-hearted

The first closing time I experienced last night (which actually ended early this morning) was unbelievable.

Imagine having to scrub clean up everything..and that is every.single.thing right on the first day of work. Actually I had a lot of help from a senior partner. So the weight was lessened a little bit. I haven't had the chance to be partnered with others, yet. But it will be a loss when he starts work at the new branch soon.
Another senior partner that I met this morning seems strict and would stand two feet away, asking what should I do next everytime it's a new task. But at times when us new girls didn't quite have the strength, he'll lend us his.

I hope I'll get the grip in one week tops. Now it seems that there's a humongous amount of information that needs to be stored - what goes with this, what goes with that, what do I need to do, etc. I want to be in the seniors' team and not the newbies'. I am in awe with their experience and knowledge, and I know I need time to be at their level.

Even though it seems to be somewhat unwanted, a day off is very much needed. My feet need some more soaking in warm water. How did they go through all that all this time? But I guess it will be easier when I get a hold on it. The partners are a friendly and helpful bunch, it could be the key to endurance around there ;)

A check on the inventory (after only two shifts of working): aching feet and a cut on my right forefinger.
Can someone help rub my feet?
Image via gorgeous world

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


My body is aching all over - serious aftermath of too much walking when all I do at home is lie down in front of the telly and occasional chores (for two months).

On Sunday, we went down south to visit my brother. He seldom have the opportunity to come home, so we went there to go spend time at a mall with him. Haha. But one thing's for sure..the climbing part to his house is the main culprit my legs are sore all over until now. The elevator have to stop working on the day we went there. So we climbed six storeys high. Fortunately it wasn't any higher.
The people at the mall was in some kind of shopping frenzy that made me excited as well. Like I need any reason to shop...pfft. I managed to grab some pants for work..I think I was lucky as they were the last pair available :)
I spotted a lot of cute guys when we were there, but I'm not sure if they're local or from Singapore.

The next day we went up north, to KL. Another shopping trip, but I wasn't interested in anything other than work attires these days. We went to Sogo, then Jalan Masjid India. And luckily my manager called me earlier to cancel our meeting later that day, so off we went to Ikea after that. No need to rush back and we ended up arriving home very tired.

This morning I went for a training session, and I fell in love with the company I'm going to work for. Theoretically, they're good. And I'm going to soak in as much as I can. Can't wait to be awkward on my first day tomorrow..and I'm going to make a list of all the things I'm going to taste. You can bet I'll try each and every single one of them until I couldn't stand them anymore :p

Thomas, our trainer is wonderful. I wasn't even sleepy even though the muscles aching were a bit distracting. Usually, when my body is tired like that I would be quick to feel sleepy especially during times like this. But that was not the case this time.
Image via

Disclaimer: The image has nothing to do with the real thing, though..haha.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Mom was really ecstatic about going to the Sunday market in Alor Gajah, 40 kilometers away from home early this morning. So we got ready real early and set out from the house around 8. It was the four of us, since youngest brother is now on the same page as and job-less. Among the things on his to-do list are to learn how to cook a little bit, to get a driving licence, and to work out more.

I love to go to this type of morning market, to look at the fresh produce..and eat yummy food, of course. The market is near to my alma mater, and I used to forego extra sleep in the morning just to wait for the bus and have a delightful morning there. What a blissful time it was. This market is really special because they sell smoked beef and smoked catfish. Those things are what mom was looking for. Oh, and duck too.
something like Shihlin's XXL chicken but don't taste quite the same

smoked catfish
bamboo shoot in the blue container

Bingka Tepung Beras

delicious lemang

After looking around at the other things, we had breakfast at this small shop. I think it offers mainly fried kuey teow and fried noodles. They were quite good for something I think lacked color at I prefer darker fried kuey teow.

Then it got hotter, so we decided to leave the market and continue the shopping trip at the mall. My dad bought me Adam Khoo's Winning the Game of Life, and I bought two other books..Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (Lisa See) and Daughters of Rome (Kate Quinn). It's been so long since I last bought books and I just grabbed those two. Hopefully I'll enjoy reading them.

We bought too much food today - lemang, a couple of pieces of ketupat palas, some sushi, pastries, fish fillets..and now I feel bloated. Too much glutinous rice.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


I own McD now..haha. I didn't think of it before, but it seems that a huge number of people were waiting for this three alphabets. And I'm one of the lucky ones.