Thursday, December 29, 2011

more please

I need another day of rest please. Tomorrow and the day after that I'll be working the night shift - that will be too much on my body, I know. Whenever those days come, I'll be having second thoughts about this work. Haha.

You should have seen our tired faces during Christmas. The crowd was massive, we didn't even get time to breathe :p I wish I could get a new pair of legs right after work.

I don't have to work today, so I went to do the clearance at my alma mater this morning. It was a breeze, since the juniors are away on holiday. There's no need to fight for parking space and I didn't have to walk much - lucky me. Else it wouldn't really be a rest day for me. I went to the hostel administration office for one of the signatures required and met a staff who recognized me. He asked questions like where would I continue my studies after this, etc. But the last question made me laughed all the way back to the car. Actually my answer was the funny one. He asked where did I stay when I used to live inside the campus, and I had to answer Mawar. Gosh. Silly me. He made a weird face and said where's Mawar? Haha. I was thinking about the Mawar hostel that I used to stay in when I was in Shah Alam. I couldn't quite recall Tun Fatimah..right until the last few steps to my car. And I even parked my car in front of Tun Fatimah at that time. I need some memory enhancers I guess. Lol.

Came back home and slept for a bit. Then I went to the pharmacy. It seems like ever since I started working, I kept on spending money at phamacies. Huhu. No time for shopping and entertainment anymore I guess, time for self-preservation :p

My family went out for dinner at Dima in Bukit Beruang for Middle Eastern dishes. I had Chicken Kabsa, but my favorite thing of all is the relish. Yums. I'm still feeling full, because that is not the only thing I ate. Add in the bread with wings and I think I should run up a few flight of stairs daily after this.
The relish is the only thing I need


somuffins said...

Yes, I could imagine how you were during Xmas. You kena beli Ogawa nampaknya to soothe those aching feet.

My son belanja I sekeping English muffin. Sedap benarlah katanya (well..sedaplah jugak, dah orang belanja, hehe.). I mmg nak cuba diorang punya desserts. What wld you suggest yg paling sedap?

ibundo said...

macam sedap je nasi tu. Kat bukit beruang? mesti cuba ni satu hari nanti..

cahya indah said...

Auntie Som, kalau nak beli Ogawa kena tunggu how many months tu? haha.

Cahya pun tak penah rasa desserts lagi..sebab they cost more than the allocated daily meal price.
tapi ramai org yg beli the Blueberry Cheesecake. Noir pun laku jugak. Espresso Tiramisu looks very yummy, to Cahya la. hehe.

cahya indah said...

Bundo, ada orang cakap food kat Dima tu biasa2 je. Tapi Cahya rasa dah okay dah tu. Roti dia best..lagi2 makan dengan kuah. Dima ni kat Jalan Bkt Beruang Utama..corner lot kat simpang masuk taman. nanti Bundo try la, mana tau Bundo suka jugak ke.