Tuesday, August 24, 2010


i was sitting in front of the telly with a friend the other night - couldn't really recall the exact time. i think it was during the telemovie 'Teh Tarik Kurang Manis' starring Zulhuzaimi and Ary Malik. out of nowhere came the smell of some sort of deep fried food. my friend said it was murtabak.

but i was sure it smelled like cucur pisang. i couldn't help but missing my nanny's cucur pisang loaded with bananas.
picture googled

i went to the Pasar Ramadhan the next day looking for it. i thought the ones sold by this one stall would be quite similar to my nanny's coz it didn't seem to have a lot of flour in the batter. but there's no sign of them - it's been two days. i've to be contented with the one containing more flour than bananas. i need to go ask my nanny for the recipe..huhu. those cucur pisang by others are just too different - not crispy outside and soft with gooey bananas inside. and eaten hot, they're the most delicious ;)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

too much

i don't really like it when the departmental store or other shopping places put on festive songs too early. it's a few weeks before Eid, yet all i hear are Hari Raya songs.

why the rush? will it make the patrons shop shop and shop in a frenzy? i don't think so. please, put the songs on at the appropriate time - very close to the festival itself. else, it'd no longer be special. i want to listen to them while eating ketupat, rendang and all the cookies. can't wait for the makan2 all the time, just hope i won't burst my tummy then ;p

still, this fasting month seems to fly real fast. 

Monday, August 16, 2010


what does ultraman have anything to do with my blog? i'm no longer interested in cartoons especially
with those "superheroes".

what a surprise we had when we sat for a Law quiz this morning and encountered a question about them. "Ultraman is the elder brother of Jetman and Spiderman. They are the sons of Batman and Wonderwoman" - True or False. for one, just who is this Jetman..never heard of him at all.

AND what do those "superheroes" have anythg to do with Law? *sigh*

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


this is the first time my youngest brother is away from home, and that means it's his first fasting month away too. i fretted about whether he'll be up for sahur and everything, even though he's not that young anymore (tomorrow's his 16th birthday) :p still, he'll always be the baby in my eyes .

and towards the end of today, i wonder if he'll be playing basketball like the usual or slumped on the desk for the lack of energy :p

may we have a blessed Ramadhan

Saturday, August 7, 2010

come out

i'm hoping fervently that the sun would shine tomorrow, and i could soak up all the warmth. i miss reading a novel the whole day by the windows and looking up to this..

with a good cup of coffee by my side. bliss.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

first time around

i wanted to dine at Seoul Garden before the fasting month comes, and so i persuaded the others to come along. there'd be no point of feasting when there's just two people. i even managed to make a friend who's never been anywhere in Mlk to tag along, even after nearly two years studying here. at least with five of us it would be a merry occasion :)

we decided to pull up the plan from 12.30 pm to 11 am since our 10.30 am class is postponed. after filling the tank of the car that we rented, we used the road along the beach and headed to Mahkota Parade. that was my first time driving along the coast from Alor Gajah.

the aftermath

we had a great time having our lunch at SG. we ate until we couldn't even bear to smell all the food cooking around us anymore. then we walked around, stopping at MPH and other shops. i saw a lot of books that i wanted to read, but they would have to wait.

then we continued to walk around in Dataran Pahlawan. we managed to find a secluded spot to sit down and goof around :p after everyone felt like our legs are coming off with all the walking we've done. we even saw our lecturer with her friend while resting there.

next stop was Jusco Bandaraya. they wanted to go and find some clothes, and i managed to let myself to do the same thing :p. at first i was just looking around feeling bored (bored among all those clothes? what a joke) then when i saw all those with the 70% less tags attached to them, i just had to buy those. at least i look good in them :p


it was dark when i woke up to the commotion, and i had to quickly find my bearings. my roommate was agitated and i only heard the word "FIRE! FIRE!" being shouted above all the noise.

picture googled
then i spotted smoke outside my room when i was at the door jamb. i could only think of getting my purse before getting out. my roommate saw what i was doing, and she grabbed her laptop before running after me. we were among the first group of people that arrived at the designated place, which was the badminton court beside the block. then my friends arrived and we stood in the middle of the court. i didn't know what made me turn my head, but that was how i noticed there was something burning in the middle of the carpark 100 metres away from us. that was the thing that made me realize it was just a fire drill.

my knees were shaking so hard i had to take a few steps to make them stop. God knows how i nearly cried because of the experience. they were all so real and it was the best fire drill i've ever had. seriously, the smoke made me believed that there was a real fire going on.

this happened at 2 in the morning last Monday, and the following day was a real tiring day. i couldn't even function properly, and could sleep after a few words of the novel i'm reading.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Italian kitchen

i already watched the whole series of Pasta - even got up early this morning to make sure i finished every episode :p

the chef who liked to scream at everyone, with his trademark of "do it again"..but still, he's sweet

and Phillip is kinda cute, in his own way
Phillip in the middle
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