Tuesday, August 24, 2010


i was sitting in front of the telly with a friend the other night - couldn't really recall the exact time. i think it was during the telemovie 'Teh Tarik Kurang Manis' starring Zulhuzaimi and Ary Malik. out of nowhere came the smell of some sort of deep fried food. my friend said it was murtabak.

but i was sure it smelled like cucur pisang. i couldn't help but missing my nanny's cucur pisang loaded with bananas.
picture googled

i went to the Pasar Ramadhan the next day looking for it. i thought the ones sold by this one stall would be quite similar to my nanny's coz it didn't seem to have a lot of flour in the batter. but there's no sign of them - it's been two days. i've to be contented with the one containing more flour than bananas. i need to go ask my nanny for the recipe..huhu. those cucur pisang by others are just too different - not crispy outside and soft with gooey bananas inside. and eaten hot, they're the most delicious ;)

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