Sunday, January 24, 2010

feeling sleepy after the rain

yeah it's about the hockey match that i had to watch yesterday. it rained cats and dogs when we were about to arrive there, and so we stayed on the bus for a least until it was only drizzling. if i'm suddenly feverish today, i could always use it as an excuse to skip the macroeconomy's quiz tomorrow.."my hockey coach made me ill because of some hockey match"..haha. but no, i'm just feeling tired after turning in late last night..or should i say..morning. the noise made me reluctant to sleep, besides i had coffee at nearly 10pm..nasib baik today's sunday.
there were big puddles of water on the road..and we had to cross the road, coz our bus wasn't able to park in the parking area..the other bus did earlier. then the cars had to splash us with water..x baik btul, nasib baik i x duduk right by the roadside. when we're in the compound, everyone was busy buying fruits and snacks and everythg..everyone means us la..not the others who were already there :p
then we went in the hockey stadium, and everyone was looking at us. okay2, we know we're the need to stare..LOL. the first thing that we saw were elementary school kids with hockey sticks..maybe they played in the morning. and then i realize that it's actually TNB Malaysian Hockey league with among other sponsors like chilli's and astro. wow, this is big..i thot it was just an average match.
the earlier match had just ended when we arrived, so we waited for the second one for like an eternity before it started. it was between Maybank and UniKL.

the Maybank players throwing jerseys to the audience, sadly i'm too far from them
the latter brought their own supporters, and the former chose to bring balloons and gave them to the kids and told them to cheer for maybank..they're great at cost-cutting, don't u think? haha..

we happened to sit on the Maybank's side with the kids and what a great choice we made yesterday, coz i had my eyes on Maybank's player no.20..he's a great player, but he had some sort of injury and they changed player for a while. not to mention, he's hot too ;p maybe i'll be applying for a job with Maybank when i graduate later..coz they seem to have a lot of hunks around..LOL
we only watched that match,

during the match
and when the match between TNB and KL Hockey Club was a bout to start..we had to go back. didn't get the chance to see no.20 for real tho..jauh2 x nmpk sgt..haha

Saturday, January 9, 2010

i should have learnt this a long, long time ago

i dunno about other universities or colleges, but U*** students are supposed to learn a third language..'to prepare ourselves better in facing the extreme competition, fighting for jobs and etc'
when i was in SA, i took up Japanese and thankfully i completed all three parts of it with As..BUT, i can't quite use it officially..coz i dun have and wouldn't have the cert. so, no comments or statements about Japanese language in my future resume whatsoever..
actually i wanted to learn Mandarin, but it was tough when there was so many students and there was only a few classes to cater for us. that's why Japanese language came into the picture. and now, when i'm in Lendu..i have the chance to learn Mandarin again. the other language being offered is Arabic..but there's just a few that are interested to take it. at first i was worried about the registration part, and thinking about the incident before that made me had to choose Japanese as the 2nd choice..i registered as early as possible. but the first class was chaotic. i thought only half of the 3rd semester's business students would be able to take Mandarin, and the others would go for Arabic, but everyone are able to register for Mandarin got the same schedule and even class. so all of us sat in class, making noises and all..and kinda shocked our lecturer when she saw the number of students waiting for her. 
then in the 2nd class, she informed that my class would continue learning with her..and the other had to be with another lecturer and have one class at night. thankfully i dun have any classes at night this semester. coz everyday proves to be tiring even tho we haven't really started learning much..maybe i've been cooped up for too long :p
now, everyone's busy repeating all the Mandarin words and greetings that they have just learnt. one after another would go.."ni hao, ni hao". "ni mang ma?" and they can be really funny or irritating sometimes..coz everyone, i mean most of other courses also learn the language. and when they keep repeating it, and then another group do the same thing..u can only stand so much. i think i dun even have to revise the lessons by myself if this continues, just listen to them daily..they're like an MP3 player or something. it's good for practice, but God help me!