Wednesday, November 30, 2011

out of the ordinary

I wrote about being reluctant to go out and watch to the movies alone before, I'm slowly turning into a recluse at this rate :p
But the truth is I can't stand not watching Edward and Bella for brother won't be home for three more days, so I just had to go out and forget about trying to break the record of staying in the cave a million years. Haha.

I was walking towards the ticket counter chanting Edward's name and suddenly I saw a poster of 50/50. I saw Joseph Gordon-Levitt's face and I'm hooked just like that. So I chose the 2.30 pm show for Breaking Dawn and 1.00 pm for 50/50. If you're good you would know what happened.

Yeah I didn't finish watching 50/50. I sat inside the hall with I think maybe 7 other person, and kept on looking at my watch throughout the movie. From the start, until 2.30 pm..and I rushed to the other hall, thinking I'd still be among the earliest to arrive. Funny I'd thought like that.

This IS Breaking Dawn. So I had to step on around other people's toes to get to my seat, and I just had to choose the seat near the center of the row when I usually sit beside the aisle. I want to know what is it with me today. And urgh..I hate crowds this big. Remind me never to go to Wednesday's show anymore. It's the school holidays for God's sake..what was I thinking??

But the most wonderful thing is Breaking Dawn Part 1 really delivers. I was smiling non-stop right from the start of the movie. The movie is beautiful. The dress is really..perfect. No other dress would be better for Bella.
Image via Celebuzz
Image via The Frisky
Oh and Seth's so cute. He can shove Jacob to the side, definitely. I was never on Team Jacob, and I'd pick Seth as the wolf any day.

Image via The Breaking Dawn Movie
The royal blue dress Bella wears when she turned into a vampire is a great choice, it contrasts nicely with her pale skin..but I had a hard time looking for her picture..and this is the closest as it gets to the real one.
Image via fanpop

I think I might have shed a tear, or two when Bella's eyes flutter open for the first time as a vampire and then the credit rolls *sigh* It was really emotional for me, it's nearing the end..already?

But anyhow..Part 2, come faster please.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

what they wouldn't do

The people who are involved in the making of this advertisement are unbelievable. How can they be so insensitive towards matters like this? Pope and imam of the Al-Azhar Mosque's kissing on the lips on the poster - that is so outrageous.

Image via Yahoo

I read that the United Colors of Benetton company had done other controversial advertising campaigns before. Must they do that to garner people's attention towards them? It's one thing to be creative, but it's another thing if it's insulting others' beliefs.

And they gave out excuses when fingers are pointed at them - "was solely to battle the culture of hate in all its forms". Silly excuse, if you ask me.


That is what I felt..of their love when I watched this video. I didn't know their wedding was aired on TV3's Melodi today. May their union be blessed and lasts forever.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

play the maze game

It was at least two hours ago that we arrived at home, but my knees still hurt. I don't know why it's this bad though, I think I've done worse longer shopping trips and using public transport before. But today, I was in comfort of not having to stand, waiting for any bus or trains and not having to run to catch them on time..and it hurts. My knees are killing me, enough said.

I happened to eavesdrop listen to my interviewer's conversation with his boss, (I couldn't help it but to listen, of course :p) and found out that there's a job fair today and tomorrow. So I went online after that and found out about BN Youth Job Fair at PWTC. I didn't seem to notice the company's presence there this afternoon, though.

It was massive - the people who attended the event, that is. Everywhere you see are just heads and bodies and people rubbing shoulders over and over again. I didn't count how many laps I did in the big hall, all I know is that I went down the same aisles several time (because I didn't really keep track of where I went, and there's just so many people in there). At one point I felt suffocated, and couldn't continue walking among the throng of people. Then we walked back to Sunway Putra Mall, where my dad parked the car.

middle eastern food section
We had lunch there, and I chose to have chicken kabsa at the food court. The portion was small (thank God, else I'd eat too much again :p) and it tasted okay, the chicken was a bit too dry. Maybe I should have chosen lamb instead. Dad had minced lamb kebab with rice..and that was delicious. Next time (if there's next time) I'll try their barberry rice, and see if they can match the one we had at the airport in Iran years ago.
Image via Lazziz

Friday, November 18, 2011

much awaited

The Breaking Dawn Part 1 movie has been on the must-watch list for so long and I can't wait to be able to watch Edward again.

Image via Twilight Saga Chat
And then there's Ombak Rindu a week after that, starring hunky Aaron. I read the book a gazillion years ago and it was very well written (can't say the same for the sequels, though). It's only fair to make it into a movie when this is the time that novelists are starting to gain more money - both from the books and movies' profits. I love Lisa Surihani's hair in the posters, but what's with Maya Karin's hijab style? My sister said she dislike the stylist's (or whomever that put the hijab on Maya) work - they could do much better.
Image via a cup of life a barrel of luv

Aaron also starred alongside Erra and Umie Aida in a theatre production based on another novel I read, Badai Semalam - this one much older than Ombak Rindu. I couldn't remember when I read this one, but I found the book amongst the stack of mom's Malay Literature books. I think she used the book when she taught the subject long ago.

But sadly I don't feel like going out to the movies these days, maybe I should just wait until my youngest brother finished sitting for SPM and celebrate his freedom together. I still think of him as the baby, despite him being the tallest in the family..and not going to school anymore.

Oh and here's a picture of my first 'daging masak asam pedas'. I know how to cook 'asam pedas' already, although I can't say it would turn out nice everytime..besides, I have only used fish before. 
And I love mom's version of beef in the spicy and sour gravy. Yesterday I tried cooking it myself, without asking any instructions from mom and thought it looked like I put in a little too much tamarind juice in it. But it turned out okay. Dad said it's delicious..hehe.

Monday, November 14, 2011


I can now heave a sigh of relief after I went through with the interview. But not so fast, I've yet to know if I made the cut. Hopefully I will.

If I'm hired, I'll be pretty busy with the regular trainings and running around to the different outlets. Yes, there's a lot of hard work..but it was what I wished for - I've always kept in mind to work where I won't be stuck doing the same thing and looking at the same faces all day long, and this one would be perfect. It's just an excuse to slip out to somewhere else :p

After the interview, I went on a shopping frenzy..AGAIN. I will make a serious dent to my pocket whenever I don't plan on buying anything - I'll end up buying all sorts of things. And I even kept on reaching out for these carb-laden food.

gooey chocolatey goodness

Now I'm cringing when I look at these pictures. What was I thinking? *sigh*

Thursday, November 10, 2011


If I didn't think of my sister that seldom gets to go to the movies, I would have missed watching this Sector 7.

But I'm glad I gave in to my sister. We scanned through the movies list before going up to the cinema, but I didn't think any would be nice enough to watch. And there, right before we got to the ticket counter we saw the poster. I saw Oh Ji-ho's name first and I thought, his name sounds like Korean and then I saw...Ha Ji-won's name on the left. Then I practically dragged my sister to the counter.

The movie was a good attempt and I think it was okay. But the creature was just a bit too Ultraman's-monster-looking in my opinion.

And Min Seok's character in the movie died too early. We were gushing at how cute he looked, and then he died -___-

I love this scene when they were trying hard to control the pressure and everything.

That was what me and my sister did yesterday, plus some serious take take take everything and pay.

I had a quick interview after lunch yesterday, easy to guess which industry I'm looking forward to step into - and another (this time a serious one) this weekend. I got a call and I thought it was for the quick interview yesterday, but no. I hope I'll do a great job talking that day.


I got butterflies right after the call. And ohh, I must brush up on those nonexistent-in-my-head vocabs I learnt all those years back. Wish me luck, I need them very much.

Images via Hancinema, Pop Culture Ninja, dramabeans, and Korean Drama Choa.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Last night my big family had dinner that seems to feel like 'makan besar' already. As usual, my favorite thing to do is to chase around the little kids and hug them ever so often. Seen here are Awee and nephew and niece.

I was holding her and taking the photo at the same time..not easy

Awee is so cute, he ran everywhere following his elder brother..and after I held him for some time he'd say "I want Afaz (his brother)". He's just so adorable. And he even asked if my sister wanted those lolly sticks shaped like hand and foot after he finished licking playing with them, "Kakak want?" He's so sweet although he's supposed to call her aunt :p

I tried my hand at baking this Congo Bars, recipe from auntie Yani..but I think I'll need a few more tries to get it right. They said it's too sweet, but I still can't I have no idea how sweet it really is.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all Muslims :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

ready or not

I'd prefer to stay at home and do all the things I love than having to go out to work, who doesn't? But I'm keeping in mind that going out and be tired and angry doing work (so negative, I know :p), will get me on the plane to see the world. *Hoping and dreaming everyday*

Can't wait to head out somewhere with the cold, hard cash I earn myself.

But while waiting, I'm watching Dong Yi on DVD and Glory Jane twice weekly on KBS World. I don't quite understand why I'm always attracted to period dramas regardless of where it's from. I'm thinking of searching for Gone with the Wind movie and some other good stuff.

Image via Korean Dramas

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

quarter of a century

Today marks the day I was born years ago - twenty five long years, to be exact. I love to think of my birth day as very special - it was both Deepavali and the day TV3 first being aired in Melaka in 1986. Big events much, too bad I didn't understand anything back then :p I couldn't quite search the facts, though - correct me if I'm wrong.

This month's issue of Cleo (#193) is all about traveling - great timing..I love, love, love it. Read what they say about Scorpios' travel:
You're an extremist who needs to physically explore a country and unearth its secrets, be that the ski slopes or the back alleys of South America.
That is how I really feel, and they nailed it. Lucky countries - Morocco, Algeria and Germany (Bavaria).

Morocco and Algeria have been on my list for some time, but to tell you the truth..I've never really thought of going to Germany. There are so many places that I wanted to go and see, ahh the world is so huge - when can I ever fulfill my dream to travel all over the earth? There are Italy, Russia, South Korea, Australia, Turkey, France, ...Morocco, Algeria, Germany. I hope by the time I reach another quarter and add some white hairs on my head, I've traveled at least half of those places on my list. A girl can dream, so I'll dream BIG.

Penn Badgley was born on the exact same day as me - not that I watch GG or anything..xoxo :p.

Image via zimbio
p/s: I want to eat waffle with peanut butter and cappuccino spread and baked orange sweet potatoes, but my tastebuds are not tasting anything these days..zilch, zero. Blame the cold I'm having. Great, it's my birthday and I can't eat anything.