Wednesday, November 30, 2011

out of the ordinary

I wrote about being reluctant to go out and watch to the movies alone before, I'm slowly turning into a recluse at this rate :p
But the truth is I can't stand not watching Edward and Bella for brother won't be home for three more days, so I just had to go out and forget about trying to break the record of staying in the cave a million years. Haha.

I was walking towards the ticket counter chanting Edward's name and suddenly I saw a poster of 50/50. I saw Joseph Gordon-Levitt's face and I'm hooked just like that. So I chose the 2.30 pm show for Breaking Dawn and 1.00 pm for 50/50. If you're good you would know what happened.

Yeah I didn't finish watching 50/50. I sat inside the hall with I think maybe 7 other person, and kept on looking at my watch throughout the movie. From the start, until 2.30 pm..and I rushed to the other hall, thinking I'd still be among the earliest to arrive. Funny I'd thought like that.

This IS Breaking Dawn. So I had to step on around other people's toes to get to my seat, and I just had to choose the seat near the center of the row when I usually sit beside the aisle. I want to know what is it with me today. And urgh..I hate crowds this big. Remind me never to go to Wednesday's show anymore. It's the school holidays for God's sake..what was I thinking??

But the most wonderful thing is Breaking Dawn Part 1 really delivers. I was smiling non-stop right from the start of the movie. The movie is beautiful. The dress is really..perfect. No other dress would be better for Bella.
Image via Celebuzz
Image via The Frisky
Oh and Seth's so cute. He can shove Jacob to the side, definitely. I was never on Team Jacob, and I'd pick Seth as the wolf any day.

Image via The Breaking Dawn Movie
The royal blue dress Bella wears when she turned into a vampire is a great choice, it contrasts nicely with her pale skin..but I had a hard time looking for her picture..and this is the closest as it gets to the real one.
Image via fanpop

I think I might have shed a tear, or two when Bella's eyes flutter open for the first time as a vampire and then the credit rolls *sigh* It was really emotional for me, it's nearing the end..already?

But anyhow..Part 2, come faster please.


ahkakbatik said...

loh! budak bella tu jadi vampire gak ke? potong stim le ko ni....

awat kt youtube acik skodeng tu hari bella dah preknen? part II kot tu..

tengah tunggu box collectionnya offer discounted price... hehe..

cahya indah said...

haha..mana ada potong stim auntie. orang dah habis baca buku tu dah tau ape jadi Cahya tulis pun dah habis 1 week after movie tu keluar..hehe.

auntie tak pegi tengok lagi ke? tengok :)
Bella tu pregnant masa Part 1 ni, lepas deliver yang dia tukar jadi vampire, auntie.