Saturday, November 19, 2011

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It was at least two hours ago that we arrived at home, but my knees still hurt. I don't know why it's this bad though, I think I've done worse longer shopping trips and using public transport before. But today, I was in comfort of not having to stand, waiting for any bus or trains and not having to run to catch them on time..and it hurts. My knees are killing me, enough said.

I happened to eavesdrop listen to my interviewer's conversation with his boss, (I couldn't help it but to listen, of course :p) and found out that there's a job fair today and tomorrow. So I went online after that and found out about BN Youth Job Fair at PWTC. I didn't seem to notice the company's presence there this afternoon, though.

It was massive - the people who attended the event, that is. Everywhere you see are just heads and bodies and people rubbing shoulders over and over again. I didn't count how many laps I did in the big hall, all I know is that I went down the same aisles several time (because I didn't really keep track of where I went, and there's just so many people in there). At one point I felt suffocated, and couldn't continue walking among the throng of people. Then we walked back to Sunway Putra Mall, where my dad parked the car.

middle eastern food section
We had lunch there, and I chose to have chicken kabsa at the food court. The portion was small (thank God, else I'd eat too much again :p) and it tasted okay, the chicken was a bit too dry. Maybe I should have chosen lamb instead. Dad had minced lamb kebab with rice..and that was delicious. Next time (if there's next time) I'll try their barberry rice, and see if they can match the one we had at the airport in Iran years ago.
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ahkakbatik said...

ooo pi cari keje yea.... insyaAllah knowing cahya thru this blog, auntie percaya cahya takde masalah dgn interview...
good luck tau!

cahya indah said...

thank you for the wish auntie :) Cahya tak banyak cakap actually..but getting better now kot. Hopefully kalau dah banyak kali, dah okay sikit.

PatinPasta said...

Kalo Cahya tak banyak cakap, buleh pass kat Auntie Tek yang memang tere bercakap. Hehe!

Auntie Tek, jgn mare naaa!

And good luck with the job hunting Cahya :)

cahya indah said...

kak Aida, akak pun boleh tolong jugak kann ;)

Thank you for the wish kak Aida.