Friday, June 27, 2008


i've been hoarding a lot of stuff ever since i could remember. in fact i have a drawer full of knickknacks back at home. i think it would be best for me to sort through the drawer and just toss out all the insignificant stuff. the thing is there are a lot of stuff lying around, and it would take forever to finish sorting through them. well, i do have a lot of time on my hand after this rite. *wink*

actually i relied on those stuff too much, i don't quite remember everything that happened in my life and so when i take a look at those stuff i can recall bits and pieces of my past. i wonder why i am like this..i mean, about how i could not really remember every single detail of my life. i want to be able to remember everything, but then i think a lot. maybe if i could, i would not have time to think for the future. i know that God has a reason for everything.

today's my last day here in this house and in S.A. i hope i would be able to be here again in the future..even though i don't quite favor this town. but i've been here long enough, that i'm used to everything and it caused some pain in my heart to leave this place. getting sentimental plak ;P
would be writing from melaka plak after this..whenever i have the time laa ;)
so long, people..until the next post

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ads again

me and my roommate decided to go and have dinner at ani sup utara. she's the one who felt like eating soup tonight..haha, before this i'm the one who always think about that ;P but i guess i really don't have the mood to eat. we arrived there nearly at 9p.m. fortunately its not packed..some people had just left and there were some empty tables.
sindarella was being aired..i never really quite follow that series, so i didn't pay much attention at first. but it was still hilarious, even though i lost track of what had happened ever since i stopped watching it. and tengku haidar's character really made me swoon ;P i mean, i like the way he said it to zoela. "my day won't be complete if i don't see u"..that's one of the things he told zoela. the next day, zoela's all smiles..which gurl wouldn't be like that rite? *starry eyes*
i haven't watch the telly for only God knows how long..and tonight i saw some cute ads, i didn't even know if those ads are new or has been aired for some time. those ads reminds me something, i used to really love watching ads on the telly. i saw the campbells soup ads..a kid told his class about the yummy soup, then all of his classmates rang his front door bell with each and everyone of them holding an empty bowl..its really cute ;)
then, the planta ads..this kid on a bicycle trying to be faster than a cat, then faster than a car..and after he took some bites of his slice of bread spread with planta, he can be faster than the plane..its even more cute..
i used to wait for the ads during the festivals celebrated by malaysians..those companies like petronas, perodua and TNB surely made my day with their ads..i'm not a kid anymore, so i couldn't be excited about collecting ang pows..hehe. ads are the only highlight of the festivities for me, other than being with family and friends..and the yummy food of course ;P

one of the ads that i remember the most was the electrolux washing machine ads a few years back..i think it is electrolux, correct me if i'm wrong. my younger cousin made us understand what it was really about. at first we thought it was just a regular ads, with people running around being happy and all. there's this martial arts class where all of them were wearing those white uniforms as the usual, but there were footprints patterns all over it. then, there were a surgery room full of surgeons and their assistants..all wearing red from top to bottom. then, there was this wedding which took place outside..under a tree. i couldn't quite remember what's with the bridal gown though. but it all comes down to, without electrolux washing machine..that's what they would be wearing..dirty clothes. i didn't quite catch the underlying message of the ads, because all those people wore beautiful clothes which are colorful and have lots of patterns. its like they meant to wear that..*sigh* i'm not that creative..

before i sat for my spm, i wanted to be in an advertising company..not as the designer of course, the clients would all run away to other companies then..LOL..well, maybe as an exec..handling clients and others. but i really need to polish up my people skills before that..*sigh*

Monday, June 23, 2008

it's done

from this moment onwards, i'm no longer a student..until yet to be determined. i'm relieved that it's done..after these few days of not knowing where to go, or what i'm supposed to do.
i've made my mind at first, about which diploma i'm going for and which uni. but after getting some opinion from my aunt and her hubby, i changed my mind about that. they opened my eyes about some things..many thanks to them. so i chose to look up a few other diploma, something that i can cope with..and of course has to be high in demand.
but after that, i kind of lost my way..i dunno. maybe because of being delayed, and depending on some informations that i think are supposed to be the other way round.

then, earlier today i thought of going to several faculties to get some more info..maybe even meet some lecturers in those faculties. but it seems that i don't have to do much. a clerk in the FBM told me that its no longer possible to change program. i would have to quit, like i've been wanting to do before this. i went to the student affairs dept. to be sure. this time they say its possible to change from one degree program to another. but not from a degree program to a diploma.

still..i'm quitting. so i went to settle everything ;)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

those little eyes and little nose..and little hands

yesterday me and my roommate were going up the stairs when we saw these two cute lil gurls, outside their house which is below ours. the elder sister is around 3-4 year old i think, and she's really adorable. i was nearer to her at that time, and she looked up at me. she has this fringe and her straight hair ends just below her shoulders..which reminds me of my hairstyle when i was a lil gurl. when i smiled at her, she smiled back without hesitating..and her oh-so-cute face lit up. her mother was there..looking serious, trying to get her lil sis inside the house. if that lovely lil gurl's mother wasn't there, i would prolly have the chance to pick her up or at least hold her hands..*sigh*..that's what i like to do with lil kids
been too long since i last saw my lil cousins and my nieces n nephew :( haven't even seen my aunt's new baby gurl..and then there's my new niece, abang boy's daughter.

my first niece, aiha used to recognise me when she was little. maybe i look a lil bit like her mom, my cousin kak ngah ;P i mean she would let me hold her, and not everyone else. even if she let someone else hold her, she would stay quiet for a while before reaching out for me again..hehe. she loves it when i held her up high repeatedly..kinda felt like doing a high jump for her, i guess..and she would gurgle everytime i did that ;) but then we haven't seen each other much, and the last time we met she didn't recognise me anymore..huhu :(

the ones i love to see the most are my uncle's pair of twins. the sister's the older one, but i like the brother more..coz he's not afraid of people, and he came up to me asking to sit in my lap. he didn't really talk to me tho..he didn't even know how to talk yet ;P

the twins..with their mother

Friday, June 20, 2008


my best buddy shafaza a.k.a cikgu zara ;D had just posted something new in her blog. 

i've known her.. for about 4 years, right dear? i haven't really notice that we've been together that long..well, not long enough. but how time flies. i still remember the first day all of us met back in matriculation. ur dad asked everyone where we're from..that's the first thing that came to my mind when i recall about matriculation..hehe. then when our family went back, i was quiet and u and mira thought i'm this quiet n boring kinda person kn..LOL. did i really look like that? people are always deceived by me ;P but its not that long before both of u know the real me.

how i missed the days we spent together. 1 year is a short period of time, but i'm glad i found u and we're still with each other. remember u, me and mira used to sleep together and ate together all the time. those times were the best..then mira had to leave. sometimes i wish u were with me all the time, doing the same thing with me.. when i went on the langkawi trip, and the camping thingy without u..and u went on the cameron trip with ur practicum-mates, right?

then somehow we had this huge fight those last days we were there..i didn't even remember what caused the fight between us, but i do remember we avoided each other especially on the last nite. it was supposed to be a nice one to be remembered by us. then we finally made up before going back..we even cried our heart out. really do miss u..when can i met u again?? hopefully real soon..

p/s: u're the only one yg btul2 support me without questioning my thoughts and actions...domo arigato gozaimasu

Sunday, June 15, 2008

my life's gonna change

i went back home to discuss something really important with my parents..and the result is..alhamdulillah, all went well. i asked their permission to quit studying for now and for me to switch to another course. i've wanted to go into the event management field for 2 years now, and i had just claimed the guts to enable me to talk it out loud with my parents. besides, my result wasn't that good. i doubt that they would permit me to change course if i get good results previously tho. its mostly my own mistake, during that time i knew i wanted to do some where along the lines of wedding planner, but it haven't come to light for me yet. i wanted to go into mass communication but i doubt that i could join public relations..coz those who join the course are surely more outspoken and outshining than my introvert-humble-self. so, i didn't really put stress on getting a place in public relations degree. then, when i was in my 2nd semester i had to join a co-curriculum class for some required credit hours. so, me and my friends chose to take up event management. oohhh! i knew that was it. event management is really my thing. i would love to start working, planning everything..and ensuring everything is going smoothly. and would make my way up the career ladder, which last but not least help me to open my own event company ;) insyaAllah.
today is Father's day..i wanna say Happy Father's Day to my Ayah, and sometimes Dad ;) he's my hero forever..i'm sorry my mistakes hurt u and mom, but i'm thankful to have such a wonderful dad as u. u are very very patient with me, even when i'm cranky and sometimes behave badly..actually bnyk kali ;P many thanx for being such a great dad to me and listening to me every single time i whined..

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

pride and prejudice

just now i watched the movie pride and was lovely..especially when watching the dashing mr.darcy ;)
its really about the clashings of opinions and misjudgements that bring together two nice
this the most wonderful line in the movie..the one in which mr.darcy proposes to lizzie bennet

You must know... surely, you must know it was all for you. You are too generous to trifle with me. I believe you spoke with my aunt last night, and it has taught me to hope as I'd scarcely allowed myself before. If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes have not changed, but one word from you will silence me forever. If, however, your feelings have changed, I will have to tell you: you have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

roman holiday

i had just finish watching my first movie starring audrey hepburn. i've been looking out for her for so long, but i haven't really had the chance to watch her acting. before this i just searched for breakfast at tiffany's . well, i didn't think of searching her in imdb or even google..huhu. so much for being a fan of her. i do like her..she's so pretty and had this charisma.

back to the movie..i watched 'roman holiday'. i used to dislike black n white movies..coz i love colors very much. but, since audrey starred in black n white movies..i just have to make some exceptions ;) but the movie's really good. i mean, she's got charm..and she pulled the character nicely. i just love audrey hepburn.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

out again

today, i went out with my other friend..she was my former roommate when we were in high school. its been so long huh..well, we seldom see each other even tho both of us are studying in KL. she's taking medicine..that explains her busy schedule.
we met at KL sentral..and i suggested that we eat Subway's sandwiches for lunch..i was dying to eat one actually. glad she was up to it ;)

we both tapau our sandwiches and headed out to Midvalley megamall. typical saturday, there were lots of people..and hard to get around. we queued up to buy our movie tickets..fortunately, there wasn't a lot of people queuing up at that particular time. we chose to watch Indiana Jones'. When the lights went out, we ate our sandwiches..haha, to think we ate without really looking at wut we were eating. some sauce dripped on her tudung, and for yours faithfully, some lettuce got their way on my jeans..

after the movie, we walked around a bit and my dear friend bought me pressies ;) it was so cute..thanx ya