Friday, June 20, 2008


my best buddy shafaza a.k.a cikgu zara ;D had just posted something new in her blog. 

i've known her.. for about 4 years, right dear? i haven't really notice that we've been together that long..well, not long enough. but how time flies. i still remember the first day all of us met back in matriculation. ur dad asked everyone where we're from..that's the first thing that came to my mind when i recall about matriculation..hehe. then when our family went back, i was quiet and u and mira thought i'm this quiet n boring kinda person kn..LOL. did i really look like that? people are always deceived by me ;P but its not that long before both of u know the real me.

how i missed the days we spent together. 1 year is a short period of time, but i'm glad i found u and we're still with each other. remember u, me and mira used to sleep together and ate together all the time. those times were the best..then mira had to leave. sometimes i wish u were with me all the time, doing the same thing with me.. when i went on the langkawi trip, and the camping thingy without u..and u went on the cameron trip with ur practicum-mates, right?

then somehow we had this huge fight those last days we were there..i didn't even remember what caused the fight between us, but i do remember we avoided each other especially on the last nite. it was supposed to be a nice one to be remembered by us. then we finally made up before going back..we even cried our heart out. really do miss u..when can i met u again?? hopefully real soon..

p/s: u're the only one yg btul2 support me without questioning my thoughts and actions...domo arigato gozaimasu

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zara_enigma said...

Its special wrote 4 me...I wanna cry lol...*cry*
Its really being the best time ever with u sweety...