Sunday, June 22, 2008

those little eyes and little nose..and little hands

yesterday me and my roommate were going up the stairs when we saw these two cute lil gurls, outside their house which is below ours. the elder sister is around 3-4 year old i think, and she's really adorable. i was nearer to her at that time, and she looked up at me. she has this fringe and her straight hair ends just below her shoulders..which reminds me of my hairstyle when i was a lil gurl. when i smiled at her, she smiled back without hesitating..and her oh-so-cute face lit up. her mother was there..looking serious, trying to get her lil sis inside the house. if that lovely lil gurl's mother wasn't there, i would prolly have the chance to pick her up or at least hold her hands..*sigh*..that's what i like to do with lil kids
been too long since i last saw my lil cousins and my nieces n nephew :( haven't even seen my aunt's new baby gurl..and then there's my new niece, abang boy's daughter.

my first niece, aiha used to recognise me when she was little. maybe i look a lil bit like her mom, my cousin kak ngah ;P i mean she would let me hold her, and not everyone else. even if she let someone else hold her, she would stay quiet for a while before reaching out for me again..hehe. she loves it when i held her up high repeatedly..kinda felt like doing a high jump for her, i guess..and she would gurgle everytime i did that ;) but then we haven't seen each other much, and the last time we met she didn't recognise me anymore..huhu :(

the ones i love to see the most are my uncle's pair of twins. the sister's the older one, but i like the brother more..coz he's not afraid of people, and he came up to me asking to sit in my lap. he didn't really talk to me tho..he didn't even know how to talk yet ;P

the twins..with their mother

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hi darling...

they are really cute!