Sunday, June 1, 2008

out again

today, i went out with my other friend..she was my former roommate when we were in high school. its been so long huh..well, we seldom see each other even tho both of us are studying in KL. she's taking medicine..that explains her busy schedule.
we met at KL sentral..and i suggested that we eat Subway's sandwiches for lunch..i was dying to eat one actually. glad she was up to it ;)

we both tapau our sandwiches and headed out to Midvalley megamall. typical saturday, there were lots of people..and hard to get around. we queued up to buy our movie tickets..fortunately, there wasn't a lot of people queuing up at that particular time. we chose to watch Indiana Jones'. When the lights went out, we ate our sandwiches..haha, to think we ate without really looking at wut we were eating. some sauce dripped on her tudung, and for yours faithfully, some lettuce got their way on my jeans..

after the movie, we walked around a bit and my dear friend bought me pressies ;) it was so cute..thanx ya

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