Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ads again

me and my roommate decided to go and have dinner at ani sup utara. she's the one who felt like eating soup tonight..haha, before this i'm the one who always think about that ;P but i guess i really don't have the mood to eat. we arrived there nearly at 9p.m. fortunately its not packed..some people had just left and there were some empty tables.
sindarella was being aired..i never really quite follow that series, so i didn't pay much attention at first. but it was still hilarious, even though i lost track of what had happened ever since i stopped watching it. and tengku haidar's character really made me swoon ;P i mean, i like the way he said it to zoela. "my day won't be complete if i don't see u"..that's one of the things he told zoela. the next day, zoela's all smiles..which gurl wouldn't be like that rite? *starry eyes*
i haven't watch the telly for only God knows how long..and tonight i saw some cute ads, i didn't even know if those ads are new or has been aired for some time. those ads reminds me something, i used to really love watching ads on the telly. i saw the campbells soup ads..a kid told his class about the yummy soup, then all of his classmates rang his front door bell with each and everyone of them holding an empty bowl..its really cute ;)
then, the planta ads..this kid on a bicycle trying to be faster than a cat, then faster than a car..and after he took some bites of his slice of bread spread with planta, he can be faster than the plane..its even more cute..
i used to wait for the ads during the festivals celebrated by malaysians..those companies like petronas, perodua and TNB surely made my day with their ads..i'm not a kid anymore, so i couldn't be excited about collecting ang pows..hehe. ads are the only highlight of the festivities for me, other than being with family and friends..and the yummy food of course ;P

one of the ads that i remember the most was the electrolux washing machine ads a few years back..i think it is electrolux, correct me if i'm wrong. my younger cousin made us understand what it was really about. at first we thought it was just a regular ads, with people running around being happy and all. there's this martial arts class where all of them were wearing those white uniforms as the usual, but there were footprints patterns all over it. then, there were a surgery room full of surgeons and their assistants..all wearing red from top to bottom. then, there was this wedding which took place outside..under a tree. i couldn't quite remember what's with the bridal gown though. but it all comes down to, without electrolux washing machine..that's what they would be wearing..dirty clothes. i didn't quite catch the underlying message of the ads, because all those people wore beautiful clothes which are colorful and have lots of patterns. its like they meant to wear that..*sigh* i'm not that creative..

before i sat for my spm, i wanted to be in an advertising company..not as the designer of course, the clients would all run away to other companies then..LOL..well, maybe as an exec..handling clients and others. but i really need to polish up my people skills before that..*sigh*

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