Friday, April 16, 2010

vying for the prizes

the media should do something about the programs shown on the telly these days. those that entertain are becoming scarce and the stuff worth watching are mostly reruns of the yesteryears. it's hard to keep my attention on the lackluster performance of the actors and actresses, mainly local..and you'd find me flipping through the channels endlessly. and how long do you expect me to be satisfied with just reruns? it's like hooking me up with a life support machine when you already killed me with all the bore accumulated from watching those monotonous actings.

the same goes with reality TV shows like AF, the longer they are around the less quality they have. and by now, the worth watching seasons have long since gone. pardon me, but i'm never a big fan of reality TV shows. be it Survivors, American Idol, or even The Biggest Loser..they failed to attract me. I agree that American Idol can discover a lot of new talents, but i'd rather wait after they win the contest than have constant headaches choosing who's better than others :p

for me, game show like Who Wants to be a Millionaire is much, much better than those reality TV shows. we can concentrate on their skills, capabilities or maybe luck..rather than their antics that sometimes are just a front. a facade to attract us into liking them or maybe put sympathy in the picture and make us vote for them, like with the reality TV shows. i disagree with the voting system, because i think talents should be judged by professionals and not by audiences or fans which could be biased.

and i still remember one of my favorite game shows, Supermarket Sweep. well, i couldn't even recall the name's been years since i last watched it. but i did recall the fact that i've always wanted to play in the game show. for those who have no idea about the game show, there would be teams of two..competing in a supermarket. they would first guess the retail price of a grocery item and then have a shopping spree, putting everything possible in their cart during the allocated time. and, they get to keep the stuff they picked up during the there were even bonus rounds, and one i remembered was when they had to assemble sandwiches on tables with checkered tablecloths.

what can possibly be better than getting paid for doing what you love best, right? anyone needs a personal shopper? ;)

picture taken from here

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

more than what i imagined

the weekend came and ended swiftly that it left me breathless. i was hoping that i could stay and revel in that period of time forever, but great moments always left you in a hurry. who can explain that? and the uneventful ones seem to drag on forever..*sigh*

i agreed to go meet my friend in KL last saturday, to spend some time together. we are always busy (what else?), and she's one of my most treasured friends among the whole load i've gained throughout my life. the last time we met, i was still studying in the Shah Alam campus..which was like centuries ago :p both of us were not from there, but it seems that it would be our meet-up point from then on. and i'm totally glad we did that, coz she's one of those people that i'll be glad to compare notes with.

she picked me up at KL Sentral and we headed on to Midvalley. both of us weren't too keen on going to places packed with people, so we ended up having lunch at The Gardens' food court. i was thinking of having ayam penyet, but since we didn't know how it would turn out both of us had fried rice from the Thai station. then we went around - i saw Thomas Sabo's outlet, it was closed from view and wished it was already it new? - to look for her nephew's Ben10 action figure.

then we went to Miss Selfridge and while my friend was trying on clothes, i took some photos ;p

after we've had enough of the crowds, we decided to go elsewhere and chose One Utama coz it's near to her place. we had a great time in Forever 21, and even tried on the rings displayed. then we stopped by Coach coz she had her eyes on the new Poppy collection, which had just arrived that day. there was this guy who approached us, but i was not in favor of his manners even if he's kinda cute. imagine talking with your clients or customers, anybody at all..while munching. he was enjoying his food that he didn't stop to swallow quickly or made himself presentable before us. he was wearing a suit and groomed to perfection, but the munching part..made him failed, big time. some points for the time spent for us though..

we stopped by a few other places before willing to submit to our aching legs and tired bodies. we decided to hang out at a coffee place and have a rest, before we saw a group of people transporting a load of Milo goodie bags. thanks to my friend who insisted that we go and check it out. we saw some registration counters and lined up.
apparently it was some kind of event that has Nestle as one of the sponsors. we just had to use our Mykad to register and get a form for stamp pads. then we can go around the booths and taste everything from cereals, yogurts, mashed potatoes to beverages. it was really fun and yummy, and when we went to collect our goodie bag, we were full to the brim and decided to skip the coffee place.

the goodie bag
then we went back to her place. we even watched the movie Paranormal Activity before sleep, and it was really scarry. i even imagined the door that moved by itself and the footsteps..everything. fortunately i was exhausted and didn't take long to sleep.

the next morning we went to Giant near her house for groceries, getting some stuff in bulk for her sister who's away from the country. then we went to get an Italian B.M.T each and decided to hang out at Pappa Rich coz the staff at the Subway outlet were gossipping and we didn't feel like eating there. i had White Coffee at Pappa Rich and it was so nice, i couldn't really decide if Old town's or Pappa's version is better. we also shared Roti bakar susu there, and it was was too sweet though.
us with shiny faces :p
after lunch, she sent me to KL sentral and i went on to Pudu from there. it was too soon though, i wanted more time with her..huhu. we have some thing in mind and hopefully we could make it come true ;)