Friday, July 30, 2010

wishing in French

je suis amoureuse

that translates to i'm in love..with these from Van Cleef & Arpels. God knows when i can wear one of them for real *drools*

give me this ring and i'll say Y.E.S right away..haha
all that are cute 
and these HUGE stuff
guess how many people's eyes are going to pop out when they see this worn on actual fingers

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

having fits

at last i watched the twilight saga Eclipse, after waiting for it for so long..not to mention the glitches that had to interfere. usually i'd rather watch movies on weekdays - cheaper tix and less people around. but since my youngest brother is home for the weekends, and he already read the books..i figured i could wait another day and watch it with him.

we even queued up for the tix before the counters are open, but there was a guy in front of us - so we were not that fanatic :p
i'm not sure of what's missing, but i still feel the movie didn't deliver its best. the crucial lines were there, thank you. anyhow, i expected it to be better. i should stop comparing the movie to the book, right? the last movie better nail it, coz the hopes i'm putting on it is more than sky high. haha.

i'm having coughing fits since the movie, and i'm not sure which of these started it.
sugar-coated peanuts

owh, actually i've been trying to track this stuff down..but still couldn't find it. i love these when i was in school. maybe i should go to the nearest grocery stores.
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and it's puzzling as to how i'd go the opposite direction, when i've put my mind to go the other way. i decided to save more money from now on, especially since i'm gonna work in a year's time probably could help for my car's downpayment..i wish *roll eyes*. i even thought of keeping myself in check from now, so i'll be able to save more money when i'm working - else, i'd be blinking at my empty purse month after month :p.

but these couple of days have been the opposite, i saw a lot of pretty clothes and handbags - with discount tags attached to them. and that is the tiniest reason for me to grab them and head straight to the counter. *sigh* i'll have to refrain from going anywhere near those places - especially those with huge banners that spell out S.A.L.E.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


we've only got to the middle of the second week for this semester, and already, some 'things' happened. around half past 11 last night, me and my roommate were in our room..i was getting ready to sleep (since i had lots of late nights before that) when we heard a commotion. well, several of them to be precise. we looked at each other and rolled our eyes. girls - there'd be excitement even because of the smallest thing happened. then we continued to do our own thing. i did my bedtime reading and waited for my eyes to be sleepy (blame myself for doing nothing but sleep all afternoon).

suddenly we heard footsteps running outside, like they were running for their lives and then they knocked (more like pounded) on our door. i think if we opened the door a few minutes later, there'll only be the door frame left and no door :p. my roommate went to open the door coz she was nearer, and she hesitated before opening it.

they turned out to be our former neighbors (when we resided at the top of the building until last semester). they were incoherent and shaking, not to mention close to tears. after we tried to make them calm down a bit, they told us that one of the girls at their level were possessed. she was apparently crawling on all fours (like in the movie Ju-on) while screaming hysterically. we didn't actually hear those scary sounds, but according to the neighboring sounded like the thing was running (but that wasn't the case). the screams came from everywhere.
maybe it was like this
or even scarier like this
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we were too scared to do anything, and sit as quietly as we could. my roommate didn't even want to go to sleep in the dark and we kept the one of the lights on. we kept our eyes on the window and couldn't really sleep especially coz it was a warm night. i even imagined the thing crawling inside our room through our window..huhu. what a night.

and today, all the way to and fro the class, that was the only thing people talked about. all i heard today was "crawling, crawling..". about something funny please.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


i woke up early this morning and did my laundry, even tho i'd rather sleep in due to the fact that the Twilight Saga Eclipse was released last Thursday..yet i haven't watch it. i even planned to go out that particular day to catch the movie, but had to postpone it till yesterday because of some glitches. and as i've expected, the 11.50am show and the one after that had been reserved up till a few front rows. i'd rather wait than watch the movie while straining my neck. it'll take all the fun away. thank God i get to have longer weekends starting next week, i'll go watch the movie for sure.
so me and my friends decided to watch The Back Up Plan starring J Lo and Alex O'Loughlin. all those previews and behind the scenes (BTS) i watched on E! already told me what a great movie it is. and at last i got the chance to watch it. i even love the cute animated opening credits with babies and baby stuff all over.
the sweet surprise before it was ruined
love this funny take too
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


it's the usual case of new semesters, been two days and yet we haven't really started the classes for real. just getting to know the lecturers (classmates..same old, same old..just smaller in number) and the scheme of work. and i'm really glad when i found out the Miss Gan will be teaching us Mandarin language again, it will be easier i think since she already taught us last semester. the other lecturers are chatty :p and can talk endlessly. two hours of class is nothing now. one of them even gave a motivational talk, i wonder if that's the case for the whole semester :p

i even got a new room this semester (last semester living in the hostel) and i've got to act fast about renting a house for next year *sigh*

half of my room, another half has a lot of space ;)