Tuesday, July 6, 2010


it's the usual case of new semesters, been two days and yet we haven't really started the classes for real. just getting to know the lecturers (classmates..same old, same old..just smaller in number) and the scheme of work. and i'm really glad when i found out the Miss Gan will be teaching us Mandarin language again, it will be easier i think since she already taught us last semester. the other lecturers are chatty :p and can talk endlessly. two hours of class is nothing now. one of them even gave a motivational talk, i wonder if that's the case for the whole semester :p

i even got a new room this semester (last semester living in the hostel) and i've got to act fast about renting a house for next year *sigh*

half of my room, another half has a lot of space ;)

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