Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sarawak Day 4

it's Friday and we don't intend to do much in the morning as dad and my brothers have to go to the mosque later. we were going back the next day, so we hoped to buy the foodstuff today. on top of the list was 'ikan terubuk masin' at Pasar Satok. we stopped by Satok like everyday we were there, but it was the first time we really went for the market. there were many stalls there, and they sell the fish according to size. we could even see people cleaning and rubbing handfuls of salt to the fish behind the stalls . there were many people and there was even cars using the road in between the stalls, so you have to be alert when you're there. don't focus on buying the fish and haggling only :p

after we were done with it, we still have time to go around and we decided to go somewhere else. but by then, we spotted this place called Kueh Fah Cafe that stated they sell mee kolok. after the first failure of getting authentic mee kolok, we thought we'd try again. it offers three types of mee kolok; the normal serving, the special one, and the twin serving. we opted for take away and only eaten it after we got home some time later after more sightseeing. the mee kolok were still warm and delicious. the one we had earlier at Benteng was a far cry from the ones we bought at Kueh Fah Cafe. i'm drooling now, thinking about the noodles, the minced meat and the chilli. gosh, gonna go back there some day.
this coffee shop is very near Satok Market

we went around trying to find Fort Margarita using the GPS, but it was quite frustrating. mom said since we were in the same neighborhood as the 'kek lapis Dayang Salhah', we'd stop at which ever place we find first. the cake won :p

we came specific for it coz my uncle and auntie already told us that we could eat the cakes as much as we want ;p. and when we arrived there, the entrance was already swamped by shoes belonging to other people. it was a full house. kids all over the place, eating and running around..parents trying to keep track of them and trying the cakes as well. i already read about 'kek lapis India' from a booklet i got at the airport, and wanted it ever since. it was as great as i imagined, chocolate pieces hidden between the layers..yum. all six of us filled the basket in no time, each reached for our own favorite flavors. there were even several types refrigerated, and i vowed to go have them first the next time i go to Kuching. each block of cake was priced between rm10-rm25, according to the types.
there was more people inside
eat up

then we went on foot to Fort Margarita. there were signs pointing to the place, so i thought it couldn't be that far. boy was i wrong about that. we climbed the stairs, and walked alongside the fence of a school and had to climb some more, walked some distance before we found the place. we were out of breath once we got there. the caretaker seemed happy to have us there, i bet there were not many that would go up there if they used the same way like us. there was another way though. the view from on top of the hill was spectacular, that was worth the strenuous 'exercise'.

that evening after lunch, we head to Kota Samarahan to go see Unimas since it was just some 20 plus kilometers away. but by then i was already tired with all the things we did since day 1 and not having enough sleep every night. i slept before we arrived there and woke up when we found the university. but it was somewhat a letdown coz there was construction work going on at almost every part of the campus, and machineries all over the place.

on the way back home, we stopped by a pottery factory and shop. i love the different designs of the vase, some even depicted warriors.

the next day we started out early coz we had the 9.30am flight.
pretending i'm there for domestic flights within Sarawak :p

bye bye Kuching

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