Tuesday, June 1, 2010

good ol' days

these days my eyes would automatically flicker and shut without my 'consent' in the afternoons while watching DVD..and after a few days of those naps, i had headaches which wouldn't go regardless of what i did. i tried drinking cups of water (thinking i did not get enough oxygen, coz i'm really lazy to drink water), i tried to lie down less than the usual (that's all i do most of the time), and i tried to be outside of the house to get some fresh air and maybe rest my eyes from the telly.

the worse headache was over now, but i'm not taking chances if possible. so i'm trying to at least not fall sleep in the afternoons (failed that one again, today :p). fortunately i just felt uncomfortable, and did not get any headache. then i decided to do some kind of exercise, just to sweat a lil bit.

i raked the dried grass around the compound, well yes i missed some parts :p. but i think i did great, especially since it's been years since i last raked the compound. it was really hot being so close with the burning grass, so i moved closer to the betel nut tree.

i looked up to it and remembered the time when it was not that tall. i used to be able to reach the betel nuts that hung by the bunch, and was really fascinated by the deep red color when they're ripe. it's not that i ate them or anything :p

i recalled that when i was in elementary school, i did a number of miniature gardens by myself. i always picked  (or rather plucked) the flowers that were blooming, those deep red betel nuts, and used whatever small containers i can find to make the ponds and arches (talk about recycling stuff :p). there were also times when me, my siblings and the neighbour's kids had so much fun catching dragonflies..trying to see who's fast enough to catch them. and when i did, i'd pretend that the dragonflies were animals on display..and the miniature gardens will be miniature zoo this time.

i miss those carefree days, and running around like crazy.

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