Monday, June 14, 2010

by the beach

initially the plan was for everyone to board a bus and head to Hat Yai this holiday and spend the time together. but problems like the political unrest and the drivers at the border dampen whatever high spirits i had prior to that.

so, we gathered in Port Dickson instead for the weekends. we stayed at Astana Apartment (formerly known as Sunshine Bay Resort) right in front of the beach. i didn't go for a swim tho. i used to love beaches and waterfalls the same, but now i love waterfalls more if asked. i hate having sands everywhere after coming out of the water, so i'll stick to just having walks on the beach :p

we even stopped by Muzium Tentera Darat when we were driving around the town. it was quite nice, and there were a lot of visitors when we were there. 
at the entrance

in the tunnel

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