Friday, June 25, 2010

Sarawak Day 2

we went to the waterfront again in the morning, to take another batch of pictures ;p there wasn't a lot of tourist around, in fact we were the only ones there every time we stopped by.
the same pose again :p
we haven't quite decide where to go, so we walked to India Street. i read that most of the business there are owned by Chinese now, unlike the name. but there are still Indians selling spices and all along the way.

the next stop was State Museum, which was really interesting. and this time, the place was swarmed by foreign tourist. there were tourist guides present, but i saw one guy explaining things to the others in the large group..i guess he did his homework before going there :p

then i asked to go to the Textile Museum. this place is not really known and they received only a small batch of visitors. i think they should promote it better, coz there were really good pieces on display. the only person there besides us was an old Caucasian lady looking at the designs intently.

we decided to go to Sarawak Cultural Village in the evening, coz i read the cultural show was scheduled to be at 2pm. so we ate lunch at Hartz Chicken Buffet before that. the one in Melaka already closed down years ago, and we missed eating there during our childhood. there was nothing much to shout about the food, except the pumpkin casserole and the chicken pie. those two were marvellous.

we arrived at the Sarawak Cultural Village at 3pm. the journey there took about 30 minutes from the city. it was in a secluded area near Mount Santubong and the beach. we thought that we already missed the show and only went there to look at the different types of houses. but the shows were actually scheduled at 11 something and another one at 4pm. the ticket costs rm60 per person, but those born in Sarawak can enter for rm25. i showed my student card and they allowed me to get the student price which was only rm15.

we walked around the place and looked at the houses in a hurry. we wouldn't like to miss the cultural show for anything.

but towards the end, it started to rain and turned to a heavy downpour by the time we got down from the Malay town house. we had to run all the way to the building where they held the show. the hall was equipped with air-cond and i was freezing to death while watching the dances. my uncle warned me about a guy with blowpipe during the show, who would choose one person from the audience to pop a balloon. those with cameras taking pictures have the probability of being chosen. i took pictures of the dances and quickly stashed the camera when the emcee announce the last dance by Orang Ulu and mom said they're the one famous for the weapon :p. that explains why i didn't get any picture of the guy and the female dancers, though i favored them the most.

owh, while at the Orang Ulu's house someone tugged at my hand and asked if i remember her. she's actually one of the committee during the orientation i had when i first enrolled in UiTM Shah Alam. of all the places, we met there in Sarawak. i didn't get to ask her what she was doing there, she seemed to be with a group of people who were dressed formally and i was in a hurry. i guess she still has something to do with UiTM, coz when we were outside there was a bus that belongs to UiTM at the parking lot.

that night, we had dinner at Benteng. we were not sure of which stall that offers the best food, so we just tried our luck at one. the fried rice all failed, mee kolok also failed..the only consolation we had was the laksa Sarawak. but that was only taste-wise. they only included tiny slivers of chicken in it. it was quite a letdown.

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