Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

dinner de'best for DLA

last nite our club de'best organized a dinner for dean's list award students and part 6 who's gonna grad next year..
dinner biasa2 je, plus celebrate hari raya some more..very the last day one, 30th Syawal :p
our course coordinator said that they planned to have it elsewhere, but the admin didn't approve (T_T) tak sporting langsung kan, da la dinner last sem i x join..baru je berangan dinner kat tmpat yg best2..
xpe2..student yg dpt DL sume dpt join dinner free, tu yg wat student lain x semangat nk join mostly yg attend just bdk DL and part 6..
mknn biasa jugak..nasi impit, kuah kacang, rendang ayam, mihun goreng, sate. sate mmg best, tp sbb da kenyang mkn yg lain tu..i mkn 3 cucuk je. sgt rugi..

masa baru smpai kat atas stage, coordinator salam i n xnk lepas, lama..huhu. suruh maintain last sem's result smpai part 6..boleh ke? i yg paling lama antara semua kot kat atas tu. segan i, smpai bila da turun and lalu sebelah Miss Munirah..yg said congrats to me too, i boleh pulak ckp time kasih puan. hopefully Miss Munirah x maybe da btul kot otw jadi puan..hehe. before tu pun ms she came to our table sbb sume her former students, ada jugak yg tersalah pggil 'madam'..

baru lpas turun stage

me and nadia, nxt door neighbour

emi and jiha, my classmates

johanna and nadia

musha and fyi, classmates i jugak

xnk makan lagi

part 6 students singing

part of us from part 2..lagi 3 org xde


Saturday, October 17, 2009

something reminds me

my mom watched 'all about eve' yesterday and i had sneak peaks of it, coz i was, as usual, sitting in front of my lappy. i was transported back to the time when i heart JDG..owh just looking at his boyish face again makes me smile ;) 
owh, he looks hot even when he's smoking 
he looks like a triad leader like this
and his character in the drama said.."i promise after this, i wouldn't drive fast, i wouldn't make u worry again and i won't leave u"..something along that lines..
that would be enuff..don't u think so? when u love someone, u would feel sorry if u'd ever make them worried over u. and when u said promises like shows that u love them, that's what i think..owh, but only if they're delivered and not just words..
it's all the little things that matters..

p/s: i'm a bit disappointed when i realised that my first final exam paper is on the same day as the one that TTTW will come out..da la lpas 1st paper tu bnyk reading subjects..

Monday, October 5, 2009

my brother masuk paper arini

yesterday when i'm back in Lendu, my mom texted me telling about my brother's team which won the national pharmacy quiz. said it's gonna be in BH, my least fave newspaper. so i pun beli la even tho slalunye mmg xkn beli pun :p duk cni da mcm ape kn..ngan x tgk news kat telly and x bc jugak.
skali da belek paper tu cover to cover, x jmpe2 gak the news about the quiz. skali my brother ckp kat NST la plak..padehal mase beli tu mmg cm nk beli NST skali, tp cm same je sume kn..tu yg x beli. owh, my instinct sgt kuat these few days..
so skrg i tgk online je brother is the only 3rd year student dlm group tu, the others are all final year students. owh, sgt bangga okay..(^_^)
congrats to them..walaupun i bukan student IIU :p

bnyk keje lpas ni..huhu
-marketing quizzes
-marketing presentation..1st group to present plak tu
-costing test
-marketing test
-test on stage for drama class
-test bertulis utk drama class jugak
economy jgn ckp r..standardized test yg xtaw bile lg

p/s: td tgk kat BH ade MAS nyer ad..ade promotion lg..bestnyer..nk g mane eyh?

Friday, October 2, 2009

in deep thoughts

this is the 2nd time i didn't get to experience the earthquake's tremor. the first time was in late March 2005, it was at nite and i went down to call my bestie on her birthday. if i was upstairs in my room (in Tangkak) most prolly i would feel it. all of us had to go down and stay out of the building before we were given the green light to go back to our own rooms. this time i was attending my drama class, and knew about the earthquake thru the radio..i heard Adi from Era talking about how he ran and then turned around to fetch Burn. then my friend said she felt the tremor too coz she was staying in her room that evening. 
i've been wanting to experience those kinda things myself, but then it's nothing to be really proud of eyh? everyone would be really thankful if they live to tell..and i think myself would shudder everytime i talk about it, if i'm one of them. i mean those who experienced it firsthand, not the itsy bitsy shakes. 
and tonite as i watched the prime time news, i was deeply those visuals shown. usually, watching that kinda disaster i would only be in awe of the aftermath. but this one brought tears to my eyes..maybe coz i'm thinking of the Malaysians stranded there. to hear them talk, it really is scary..
lets help them with whatever we can spare..there's no telling when our time would come.